GeForce2 MX400 TV out connection

  kf1 13:47 14 Nov 2003


I am trying to use the TV out on my card but the SVHS is a 6 pin connection. Ady ideas where I can get a converter to the standard 4 pin or any other solutions.

Grateful for any advice you can give.


  hugh-265156 14:55 14 Nov 2003

you will need a svideo to composite adapter.

also a composite to scart adapter to connect this to if using scart on your tv.

maplins should have them both.

lots of peeps with nvidia cards are reporting black and white pictures when connecting to tv out.

tvtool im told sorts this problem out click here

also click here click here

  kf1 15:58 14 Nov 2003

Thanks huggy,

I tried Maplins but got a blank look. I'm trying to hook up my PC with a video sender to watch films/play games downstairs. I've already got a cordless desktop which will work at that distance so I figured I could use the TV out on the card.

The sender uses a scart input and I've already got 4-pin S-video cable and a composite to scart converter with my camcorder but I'll have to look at the 6 pin configuration on the card. I was thinking of removing the plastic plug on one end of the s-video cable to put it in the 6 pin socket if the 4 left/right pins line up.

If that works I'll invest in a SVHS/composite to Scart converter.


  kf1 12:35 17 Nov 2003

I took the S-video cable and removed the plasic plug as the 4 pins align with the left & right four one the card. I also got an S-video/Composite to Scart converter and still no joy at the moment. I cannot be sure the 4 pin cable is working in the 6 pin port but I do know that the signal from my camcorder via the S-video cable goes to the TV.

I chose to set up a second monitor as TV with the UK PAL settings and S-video output but I will download the latest driver tonight and try the Twinview option.


  hugh-265156 18:42 17 Nov 2003

there has been lots of these types of threads lately regarding tv out and problems with nvidia cards.

i have never used nvidia cards,i use a radeon card(not a vey good one mind)and have never had any problems with them.

my card uses a seven pin svideo out connector and i can use either a standard 4 pin svideo lead or the seven pin adapter variety,either to scart or to composite in on the tv,both work for me.have a read click here

if you have connected you card to the video senders composite connections,i dont see any reason why this should not then send the composite signal to the tv via scart.

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