GEFORCE GTX 1070 or 1080?

  Danw159 18:01 27 May 2018

I am currently trying to choose between getting a GTX 1070 or a 1080. I don't currently plan to game in 4K or anything highly stressful for the card, but I can't decide if I should get the 1080 more for "future-proofing" since I'm paying the money anyway.

It would be an extra two to three hundred pounds. Is the 1080 going to "keep up" for longer than the 1070 enough to justify that extra money?

Also, any other recommendation are highly welcome.


This PC is mainly just being used for work and videos. I'm assuming that GPU doesn't have a huge impact on video playback (i.e. YouTube) compared to other factors. I just want this PC to be able to handle gaming if I decide to make it my home PC at some point.

  KEITH 1955 19:00 31 May 2018

funny you should mention pc specialists , they built me a rig 2 years ago when the 1080 had just come out , the card part of the build was £800 , they never made those comments to me when they took £3,000 from me , don't get me wrong I am not bragging , I sank an insurance policy to buy it because being a geek is my hobby and it was the only way to buy something I had always wanted.

I don't know anything about the 1080 ti , all I can tell you is that when games such as witcher 3 and gta v run maxed out on my 1080 based rig , I don't see or hear any speed increase on any of the fans. If you know where to look you can now get a gtx 1080 for as little as £ 470.

I think we eddie has a point , the 1080ti currently holds the crown followed by the now cheaper 1080 that I have , so maybe they got unsold stock of 1070.

  Menzie 19:02 31 May 2018

With a 1080 and your current setup you'll be able to Max out any game coming or out for a long time.

With a 1070 you'll be able to Max out most games out and some in the future for a while.

I always say to friends buy the best video card, CPU, memory and Hard drive you can afford.

My gaming PC is 5 years old now and still delivers a solid performance.

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