Geforce FX/R9700 on my HP Pavilion Will they work?

  tony777 01:57 09 May 2003

I’ve got an Hewlett Packard Pavilion (PC world).

What I want to know is can I add a Radeon 9700/9800/Geforce FX Ultra etc to this PC? I rung PC world up about it 3 wks or so ago (after seeing the Geforce fx on there site at £359.00) And a man from tech support told me “should work, can’t see any probs. ” I then went on to tell him that my HP Pavilion comes with a 200 Watt Power supply (Bestec). He still didn’t think there would be a problem, but said “well, if it doesn’t work with the power supply fitted, you can always get a 350-400 watt etc (“enermax “ he mentioned I think). So what I need to know is, will it/they work on my PC? After all, the Geforce FX ultra on PC world doesn’t say, “300-400 watt psu required”.

So, have I got the right to send it back (if I order online) from PC world?, (having tried it out), or is this a kind of accessory they don’t/won’t have returned? – because if not, I have £359.00 of gfx doing nothing!! Maybe other places do a return policy?

Anyway, does anyone else (on these forums) have a top end card running on a system like mine – or a 200 watt psu? It has a 2.66 PIV w/Radeon 9000 (64 meg) at the mo:) (7557 3D Marks)


  hugh-265156 02:09 09 May 2003

at a guess you should be ok but will depend on the other things you have running of your power supply as to wether it can take the strain.ive only got a 9000 128 and 1xhard drive 1xfloppy 1x p4 2xfans + changed the graphics card fan this now runs of the psu also running of a 250w psu.recommended min for these cards is 300w so would get a psu first then get the card.

  tony777 02:20 09 May 2003

Thnaks for the reply huggyg71

I *Would* get a power supply, But i'm no so *sure* if a "normal" psu (as such) will fit in my case. I've seen a few discussion at HP forums (U.S.)talking about "modifying" the case to accomadate a 300-400 watt psu (different dimentions I think), not so sure if that applies to mine, but the cases DO look all the as to be said!. I've Only had it 6 weeks or so, so don't want to be adding a hacksaw to my shopping basket...well, not just yet anyway:)

I sure would love to hear from someone who has a Radeon 9700 (for example), in a Hp/Dell etc - with 200 watt psu;) - that Would give me confidence:)


  jeez 02:27 09 May 2003

tony 770- can u post a link to this forum? cheers, jim.

  tony777 02:31 09 May 2003

I've got ONE Hard Drive, a Pentium 4 2.66, CD Writer, DVD, Floppy drive, Radeon 9000 64 MB (AGP), onboard-sound (AC97), 512 MB RAM, (and not sure what else) Running off this "200 watt" psu. Not had any crashes of any sort btw on this computer yet (In games). (Windows XP home BTW)

Isn't there an edit funtion on these forums to...edit your post?


  hugh-265156 02:35 09 May 2003

download this and it will tell you all the info about your system including form factor of mobo and case.this is the specs click here but dosent give the form factor try aida32 for info

  tony777 02:37 09 May 2003

Hi Jeez

Yes, This is the link to the forums I visit now and again click here and you will see lots of talk about upgrading gfx cards. Someone just posted 3 to make sure he got heard;).


  hugh-265156 02:39 09 May 2003

sorry aida 32 from click here

  jeez 02:48 09 May 2003

thanks -

  tony777 02:49 09 May 2003

Tried that (aida32) a while ago, but not sure what I could learn from that as such,except what specs I have etc. I've also tried Belarc. I've seen my psu btw, and it does say 200 watt output on it. Thank you anyway.

What it is though, I have a few quid to spend now, and probably wished I waited (like to get a Evesham evolution 2800/Radeon 9700 pro etc....), but too late for that now (unless Evesham do P/x LOL). My processor is way fast enough, but later on in the year, I know I'm going to want a Radeon 9700/9800/Geforce FX etc:) - but if I can't put one in:(


  hugh-265156 07:14 09 May 2003

just find out the type of case and upgrade the power supply

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