geforce FX5900 ultra

  GraemeD 00:37 13 Aug 2003

I received my new computer today. Its got a geforce FX 5900 ultra graphics card. Until next week it's supposed to be the fastest card on the market. Trouble is it seems incompatible with every game i've tried (Tombraider AOD, Morrowind, Need for speed, Silent Hill 2). I've had a bad day, I got the win32blaster virus within 15 minutes of connecting to the internet, took me 5 hours to sort it all out. Now I've got a really fast computer (much better than my old P2-333) but nothing seems to run !
Any help would be really appliciated !

  JIM 00:43 13 Aug 2003

The best personal advice i would like to give you is to wait till tommorow and have a word with the supplier.

Honestly not being funny.

  smegs 00:44 13 Aug 2003

First of all, get Urself a ANTIVIRUS. Have U installed the latest DirectX?

  GraemeD 00:49 13 Aug 2003

Yes, I sorted the antivirus thing out straight away. I was very stupid, I thought I'd check my e-mail, didn't open any attachments or anything like that, but I got the virus, then I installed Norton Internet security. The Virus as gone now. My graphics card gives me errors whenever I try to run anything !

  smegs 00:54 13 Aug 2003

Try uninstalling the drivers then reinstalling them. May B something wrong with the G/Card.

  GraemeD 00:57 13 Aug 2003

Thats a good idea. I'll do that tomorrow. (Do you watch Red Dwarf ? Series 3 should be on DVD soon).

  Jester2K II 07:50 13 Aug 2003

but I got the virus - the virus doesn't travel via e-mail. It scans from one computer to another and uses a flaw in Windows to get the new comuter to download it from an infected PC.

What are the error messages? Can we help?

  goonerbill 08:44 13 Aug 2003

1. as Jester2K II said, post what error messages ya getting and we may have a better idea what ya problems are. smegs said, ya could try removing and reinstalling ya graphics card drivers and directX9.

3. have a word with the people ya got ya pc from as Jim suggested.

4. heres a link for red dwarf 3
click here

  goonerbill 08:46 13 Aug 2003

red dwarf 3 correct link
click here

  GraemeD 09:28 13 Aug 2003

Thanks for your replies.

I've reinstalled the graphics card drivers & DirectX 9.

Need for Speed - Unknown problem initializing graphics.
Silent Hill - encountered problem and needs to close.

I suppose it could be a faulty graphs card !!



  Jester2K II 11:10 13 Aug 2003

What drivers are you using. There are new Detonator 45.23 WHQL drivers on click here - also Detonator 45.24 but not sure it they are WHQL yet.

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