geforce fx5500 any good?

  payperview 08:03 01 Dec 2004
Locked currently running a sparkle geforce4 mx440 128mb agp 8x...thinking of upgrading to a PNY geforce fx5500 128mb...for the full direct x9 support...will i really notice any improvement?

  stuntmaster 08:37 01 Dec 2004

my advice goto Pcworld and get a FX5700LE for £60.00 on special offer, at least u got some change of latest games. lol


hope it helps.

  iscanut 10:12 01 Dec 2004

The GeForce Nvidia FX5700 LE is £49.99 in PC World at the moment plus a free copy of Far Cry in the box.

  andman123 10:29 01 Dec 2004

My advice is with the others....take your butt off to PC World! Great deal on the FX5700LE.

  payperview 11:23 01 Dec 2004

just grabbed the 5700le...much better...cheers for the heads up guys

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