Geforce 7950 gx2

  NChick 21:50 12 Dec 2011

Just installed this card in my PC and there appear to be driver issues. I used their website to get the 'correct' driver (32bit Vista, English, etc) and it just causes restarts without getting to Winduhs. Is this because it's just slotted into the motherboard without the extra power (a four-pin deely on the card; required adaptor has been ordered), and is therefore operating at 'half power' or something? It's 'working' as such at the moment (using a generic driver provided by Winduhs), but 3D is horrific - panels appearing and disappearing at random (Heroes 5 is a big no-no) being the most obvious bug-bear. (Also, a new, beefier power supply has been ordered)

  NChick 21:51 12 Dec 2011

  [email protected] 01:38 13 Dec 2011

The most likely culprit at the moment is the lack of a power connection so until you sort that out it would make any further diagnosing quite difficult. If it still does that once it's receiving ample power then you would be looking at testing it in another computer to see whether the card itself is faulty.

  KRONOS the First 05:32 13 Dec 2011

If you have not got the required power supplied to the graphics card then I am puzzled as to why you should be surprised when it did not work. As for putting a beefier PSU in, the power needs for the card are not particularly great and a 400W PSU would handle it. I see the 7980 needs 1 x 6 pin PCI-E connector or you can use a Molex to PCI-E adapter to connect you GPU.

  NChick 16:01 13 Dec 2011

Chronus, the thing is almost as long as my case and takes up two slots. I'm an experienced computer user and do my own repairs but you need to cut me some slack when I come across something new. This is why I'm asking about it here, to learn (I'm not made of money so can't upgrade much; and often have to 'squeeze out' as much usage as I can). As for the adaptors; I've already ordered the correct parts (and knowing the other components, 600w was needed). I just wish they would hurry up and get here; since with the card as it is at the moment, my PC is cut in half, functionality wise.

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