GeForce 7800GT problem

  Rob77 00:12 19 Nov 2005

Myself and a friend are building a PC,and have encountered a problem.We have a Leadtek GeForce 7800GT video card and a Asus A8N-Sli nForce4 Sli motherboard with an Amd athlon 64 3500 processor.The problem is when we turn on the PC everything seems to be fine,but the monitor(Nfren 1700MA) does not appear to be receiving any signal,hence there is no picture.
Any help would be appreciated

  007al 00:22 19 Nov 2005

dont shout,but have you made sure the card is fully seated and the clip is over the end?

  Rob77 03:12 19 Nov 2005

Yes they are fully seated

  Skyver 03:16 19 Nov 2005

Any beeps when you switch on?

  Rob77 03:26 19 Nov 2005

Nope,no beeping to indicate an error

  Skyver 03:34 19 Nov 2005

How about if you switch on with the card removed? It ought to beep then, may reveal which of the two is at fault.

  Rob77 03:38 19 Nov 2005

But the motherboard has no onboard graphics,so that wouldnt solve the problem( unless im being really stupid!)..what would the beeping indicate the problem is if i remove the graphics card?

  Skyver 03:41 19 Nov 2005

If you take the card out the mobo should beep because it doesn't detect a card, if it doesn't beep it's possible that it's faulty - you're just removing one possibility from the equation. I'm assuming all the components are new, or is it just a new card?

  Rob77 03:43 19 Nov 2005

Ah ok thanks i will try that,all completely new components,CPU,Mobo,RAM,GFX card.

  ICF 06:51 19 Nov 2005

Have you tried the monitor on another system to test if it works?

  vinnyT 15:05 19 Nov 2005

Have you (sorry to ask this) connected the power supply to the back of the 7800gt?

Not being patronising, it can be forgotten.

Hope this helps.

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