geforce 6600gt 128 agp card

  sputnick 20:08 11 Nov 2005

Has anyone had any cooling problems with this card?
I have returned one that I had for a week after it failed, but I have read about changing the fan for a Zalmac to help cooling.

  g0nvs 20:26 11 Nov 2005

Same card here, no overheating problems at all. After a long gaming session the temp is 47C.

  sputnick 08:35 12 Nov 2005


  sputnick 09:56 13 Nov 2005


What power supply do you have.??
I have been reading the threads on the XFX forum
and it appears that 400 watt psu is borderline for this card. If you take all the comments onboard you would not buy anything.
Most of the replies relate to underpowered psu`s or changing the cooling fan. Obviously changing the fan on a new card would invalidate the warranty and why should you have to, if there has been an issue then the card manufacturer should improve, also it should state the minimum power requirement for the psu accurately, XFX recomendations are 350 watt minimum, but this seems to be well below what others are reccomending as 500 watt.
Also if you buy online i find it difficult and long winded to get a replacement.( see my posting re. )this week.

  g0nvs 16:39 13 Nov 2005

Hi sputnick, pwr sup is 550w no name. Had a problem re noisey fan. Removed the fan & oiled it, been spot on ever since. Is case fan fitted ? or air flow restricted in some way ? Try running the PC with side panel removed. Regards.

  flyingbrit 17:12 13 Nov 2005

I've got a Sparkle 6600gt and yes I started with a 350w psu blew it, blew a 400w, had a 500w put in now no probs. As for overheat no problems here, try installing an over-clocking prog(coolbits is a good one)and knock the speed down a bit to see what that does.....By the way, what happens with your card?.....does the pc crash or what?

  sputnick 19:44 13 Nov 2005

The 6600gt ran ok for a week as I was only using it for short periods. The day the card failed I had to go out and left the PC on for 5hours, on return the desktop wad distorted and three sets of everything in strips on the screen, I could still access everything on the PC but still with that effect, also the cursor left mouse trails.
I turned it off to see if cooling down might help but it was still the same. Replaced with Hercules / nvidia geforce II TI and that is still working today.

  sputnick 19:48 13 Nov 2005

I have two case fans , one input and one output.
CPU runs happilly at 39 - 43 c.

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