Geforce 4 ti 4800se or geforce fx 5600 256mb ram

  [DELETED] 22:48 09 Dec 2003

i need help deciding which graphics card will be better either the old but powerful geforce 4 ti 4800se or the new comer of geforce fx 5600 with a massive 256mb ram both come at roughly under a hundred pounds thats why iam stuck with which one to get

  [DELETED] 23:01 09 Dec 2003

The FX5600 i think has 325mhz core speed and 500mhz memory speed.

The Ti4800 i am not so sure about...

Look on and there should be some sort of comparision

  [DELETED] 00:13 10 Dec 2003

click here

based on the the review, I would definately choose the Ti4800SE.

My cousin got one a few days ago and the graphics is pretty impressive. He had an FX5200 before, which was total rubbish.

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