Gear4 Bluphones.....?

  arminmckidd 13:35 03 Oct 2009

Iv just bought this bluetooth headset or headphones and it works perfectly for my ipod touch and phone, but for my laptop i cant get it to work. Right, well, it pairs easily and seems to be working but how would i get them to work. I think i must be missing something here.

Please dont hesitate to ask any questions...

Laptop Specs:
Dell XPS M1530
Intel Core2Duo T8100 2.2GHZ

Thanks to all!

  arminmckidd 15:51 03 Oct 2009

by the way i am running MS Vista HP Sp2

what am i missing?

  OTT_Buzzard 23:02 03 Oct 2009

In Vista, go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound then under Sound, select Manage Audio Devices.

Under the Playback tab, make sure that your Headphones are selected.

If that doesn't work, post could even post back if it does work!

  arminmckidd 12:28 04 Oct 2009

thanks for the response 'OTT_Buzzard' but i cannot find or follow your instructions. There is no 'hardware and sounds' in control panel only 'sounds'???

  OTT_Buzzard 13:05 04 Oct 2009

You've probably got Control Panel set to 'classic view'.
Open control panel, then at the top on the left hand side of the window click 'control panel home', then follow instructions above.

  arminmckidd 14:18 04 Oct 2009

ok iv got the control panel thing sorted (thanks!) but i went along to 'playback tab'. i have my main laptop speakers (HD audio device) which is set as a default device.
I also have another speakers but this one with a headphone looking icon with 'bluetooth hands-free audio' underneath and 'working' underneath that.

Whenever i tried to connect my Gear4 Bluephones to my laptop i tried to set this headphone icon as a default device but im not recieving any music from them.

What could i be doing wrong?

  arminmckidd 15:20 04 Oct 2009

i want to also add that iv been going through all the available bluetooth settings on my laptop. I found under control panel > hardware and sounds > bluetooth devices > bluetooth settings and under 'audio' i found my device (Gear4 Bluephones) and tried to connect (bluetooth stereo audio) but it comes up with this error 'This parameter is incorrect' (in a window with the name 'BtwApplExt')

what does this mean?

  OTT_Buzzard 16:17 04 Oct 2009

Hands-free audio is for use with things like VOIP (web based telephones). What you need is something to the effect of Bluetooth Stereo Audio to be active.

Ah right. I've just read your second post....that's the badger!

For your error, there's lots and lots of reports of similar problems. Your first port of call needs to be witht he Dell Support website to update your drivers. Also get the latest drivers for your Bluetooth from the manufacturers website.

There seems to be some reports that using the XP Bluetooth drivers from Dell may work better than the Vista drivers. Not sure if it'll work for you, but can't hurt to try!

  arminmckidd 11:00 05 Oct 2009

what what what. I found the dell support and found my laptop but cannot select XP drivers. Where can i find these xp drivers?

  OTT_Buzzard 11:12 05 Oct 2009

Does your laptop have built in bluetooth, or are you using a plug-in dongle?

  arminmckidd 11:13 05 Oct 2009

its definetly built-in bluetooth. I last installed this bluetooth update (latest i think) here

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