Ge froce GTX 260 temps

  User-FCAB1FAF-5F56-42E6-A2FC5454DEE486F8 13:19 06 Dec 2008


The Geforce GTX 260 card is in a Antec 1200 case
6 fans running at low speed
System Stable etc

No crashes

How ever after playing Far Cry 2

The GTX 260 hits 72 c / 80c

Idle at desktop

After playing it goes back down to 45c / 48c within about 1 min..

I was woundering if this is normal? As I feel them temps are abit high and good for the card?

I was woundering if I need to a fan on the cases side window as there is room for 1 and infact room for another fan inside the case in dont of the HDD cages ( room for 12 drives(

Both would aim at the grahics card.

If I did add the fan would my system ok cos I hear if temps are to low not good for the computer parts that right? PC World told me that lol.

Thank you for reading and your time.


  I am Spartacus 13:59 06 Dec 2008

Seems about normal click here

Thank you for your reply.

I asked just that in the past a card died on me in no time after getting hot with a burning smell coming out of the case.

Shall i fit a fan any way?

  I am Spartacus 14:15 06 Dec 2008

I would turn the existing fans up for a while to see if it makes a noticeable difference.

I've found that a case side fan can make a difference providing it's spinning slowly and doesn't interfere with the rest of the airflow. Mine blows over the VRM's on my 4870 but only knocks about 5ºC off the temperature.

Not sure where PC world are coming from with their too low temps unless they mean that if it's in a really cold location you could get condensation forming as it starts up.

  citadel 17:16 06 Dec 2008

your case was one of the best for cooling in a test in custom pc mag. temp nothing to worry about as gpu can go higher before auto shut down.


It is a nice case.

  [email protected] 23:44 06 Dec 2008

just how hot is your room? i don't have any central heating (yes im a caveman) got 3 msi 280 gtx o/c (650/2300) and the middle card doesnt hit 70. same case, standard fans on low, i don't think they got to your temps in the summer. your temps are well within limits im just curious why it's hotter than mine which are using the bog standard coolers.
make sure you have room all around the case, and that you're reading the nvidia sensor as the ambient can be misinterpreted by some software.

Case is on my desk back fans are away from the wall so the air goes out the back fine.

Which out of the 6 fans on the case are best to speed up abit say from low to medium etc

Its been very cold Adman and to save money we dont use the heating its more of more jumpers etc if really cold.
But we do have an open fire in lounge very nice at night smile..

  [email protected] 11:43 07 Dec 2008

i wouldn't worry too much my 8800's are still going strong after nearly 2 years old in a standard atx case the top card was never below 80c and sits mid 90's gaming, i dont think they even throttle 'till 110, might be wrong but as i said still going strong.

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