GCSE ICT Coursework Help for a teacher!

  originalmiscellany 18:48 21 Jan 2005

I need examples of companies (amongst other areas) who use ICT well, and if possible have good websites where pupils can take information and adapt the resources on how it's used:

e.g. for
F1 – Ferrari
Estate Agents (any good websites on how ICT are used?)
Banks (?)
Leisure Services (Sports clubs etc)
Adverting Companies (any examples?)

Working styles and employment opportunities

Any companies who use ICT well and have it well documented?

Personal Communication
Boris Johnoson Blog? click here
Ellen McArthur
Any other examples?

Community activities
Any local community services which rely on ICT?

SEN/particular needs
Stephen Hawkins
Christopher Reeve

Any other ideas please?

  mattyc_92 19:01 21 Jan 2005

Haven't you thought of the most obvious??? AKA Micorosft???

  originalmiscellany 22:07 21 Jan 2005

but it's aimed at 15 year olds.
I was wondering if people knew of any websites of people who blog and have loads of technology and explain how they're used, or know any good websites e.g. ellen mcarthur or stephen hawkins.

But I've run out of ideas! There must be some people who have some good ideas?

I'll research Bill Gates/Microsoft though and add it to my list, but please help me out.

  SANTOS7 22:14 21 Jan 2005

click here this the sort of stuff you are looking for,hope it helps........

  SANTOS7 22:17 21 Jan 2005
  originalmiscellany 22:19 21 Jan 2005

You're doing me proud!
Any more nuggets tucked away?

  Ivor_Monkey 22:22 21 Jan 2005

You suggest that you're interested in areas other than companies, so what about click here,
and click here and click here

  SANTOS7 22:26 21 Jan 2005

click here
this may help as well...........

  Kev.Ifty 22:29 21 Jan 2005

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

click here

For when you have a spare two minutes

;-) Kev.

  originalmiscellany 22:39 21 Jan 2005

are great! Loads of good ideas here...

Are there any individuals who have good websites?
The good examples I've got are Stephen Hawkins and Ellen McArthur - can you think of any other suitable ones?

  Ivor_Monkey 22:59 21 Jan 2005

presumably any site dedicated to pop star will give you something, but if you're looking for something special: the this is one one of the best individual sites, a real wizard of a site is click here

Broadband and sound needed.

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