GB monthly usage allowance

  deneka 10:08 26 Jan 2005

Can someone please explain in simple terms, exactly what this means please?

Currently have an expensive broadband with 15GB monthly usage allowance, looking to save some money (approx £10 a mth) and switch to a package with only 1BG monthly allowance.

But I don't understand what this means. I don't download anything from on the net, but use it on a daily basis. approx 4-5 hours a day, I'd say.

Any help appreciated.


  pj123 10:24 26 Jan 2005

See if this helps you any.

click here

Scroll down a bit and click on the "What does this mean" link.

Should give you some idea.

  Chezdez 10:28 26 Jan 2005

click here

this thread should answer all your questions

  Mango Grummit 10:41 26 Jan 2005

1GB per month would certainly be sufficient for your current usage pattern.

  deneka 10:48 26 Jan 2005

I still don't understand it properly. I really must be thick!!

So basically all I do online, is visit various forums, email companies & friends, do my banking online, do some selling & buying on ebay and look up things for reference if I need to.

I don't really do much else. so would 1gb be enough? Like I said usually use the net everyday for around 4-5 hours a day, not all in one go.

Hope that makes sense.

  Dennis1 10:49 26 Jan 2005

Why not d/load something like this to check your usage,before you decide.
click here


  deneka 10:49 26 Jan 2005

Mango Grummit - Thankyou Mango Grummit, didn't see your post before replying.

The Ebay bit, uploading pictures for stuff I'm selling, would this effect the amount I use online?

  Chezdez 11:03 26 Jan 2005

yes, anything that is uploaded or downloaded over the connection will count towards the usage limit

  Jeffers22 11:13 26 Jan 2005

Take a look at metronet. click here

They have a 1Gbit connection for £11.70 per month. It has a limit but with your stated usage you should be ok. Even if you exceed it, the maximum is only £22.77 as they cap the price, not the download limit.

Also, good things are said about them on the forums at

  deneka 12:05 26 Jan 2005

Thanks. am with BT Broadband at the moment. pay £26.99 a month and the package I was looking at, was still with them, but reduces to £17.99 per month.

I feel that I was kind of pushed into choosing that expensive package a yr ago, as I didn't really know alot about the internet and had previously been on dial up with them aswell.

Now the contract is due to end, I want to shop around for a better deal. (really just want to save some pennies) so don't mind going without, to get a cheaper connection.

  georgemac © 12:38 26 Jan 2005

No surprise to me that BT sold you more than you needed - this is typical of them

try click here virgin £17.99 per month, 3 Gbyte allowance, only 30 days notice required to leave, free connection at the monment

you may have to wait until the service is transferred

alternatively click here do good deals for £15.99 per month which suit you - you can have 1 Mbit speed with 2 Gbyte download allowance

Tiscali may be better, it may cost to transfer to virgin, not sure.

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