Gateway Spare Parts Required

  pepe 20:19 09 Oct 2003

I've been given a Gateway PC (made 10/04/01) that requires a Mobo part No.GW 4000689, The system is not up to much but it has 933Mhz P3 cpu and will run Win Me okay, so its worth the price of a new Mobo. Problem is I've done extensive searches on Google, and I can only locate it in the USA, which for warranty reasons I don't want to purchase. I've contacted Gateway Support via e-mail, but as yet had no response. Does anyone know of a site in the Uk where I can find Gateway or Gateway compatible Mobos. The system case is Low Profile ATX, so I can't replace it with any old Mobo, it has to a direct swap out.

Many thanks


  Gongoozler 21:30 09 Oct 2003

Hi pepe, I can't direct you to a source of motherboard for your old case, but if you can find a standard ATX motherboard to accept your P3 processor you could consider also buying an ATX case. You can get a quite good quality case for under £50. If you are up to replacing a motherboard, you will find replacing a case quite simple.

  WiLL-A 21:45 09 Oct 2003

'The system is not up to much but it has 933Mhz P3 cpu and will run Win Me okay'

My Gateway P2 350mhz ran Win Me very well and runs Win XP almost just as quick. Sounds like you have a decent set of components just upgrade the motherboard and CPU and ur flying.

BTW why did Gateway pull out of Europe? And when? I never did quite c an explanation for this.

  Gongoozler 10:36 10 Oct 2003

pepe, you may have difficulty finding any new P3 motherboard, but Athlons and Durons much faster than your 933MHz P3 are reasonably priced these days. I recently rebuilt a computer using a Syntax (PC Chips) SV266A motherboard, 1.4GHz Duron and a new case, all for under £100.

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