Gateway Pentium2 -Broadband-go/nogo?

  jack 10:49 30 Jan 2005

I have had come my way an elderly Gateway P2 267Mhz
64Mb machine that I am dusting off and reconfiguring for a family member.

Seems OK so far although the setting up is a little strange its all built into the BIOS and a very restricted inwhat it can do seemingly[time and poking will tell]

Meanwhile in her exitement of getting a better machine than the existing P1 in her posession said recipent has signed up for broadband.
When I heard I suggested she may be sending it all back.
What do you guys think will this old Gel[The Gateway that is] cope with broadband?

  johnnyrocker 11:12 30 Jan 2005

doubt it.


  Completealias 11:25 30 Jan 2005

Possibly a memory upgrade would prob go a long way 2 helping

  broggs 11:34 30 Jan 2005

I think I had a amd equivalent to a P2 and had to change it to run ntl broadband.

  Gongoozler 12:09 30 Jan 2005

I think it will run broadband fine, as long as it has Windows 98se to enable it to run the USB port properly. For my Tiscali Sagem modem the minimum system requirement with Windows 98se is Pentium II, 166 MHz, 32 Mb RAM.

  jack 14:10 30 Jan 2005

Thank you for the note of optimism GG
As she has signed up, and presumably the kit is on its way- the least we can do is open with care,and see what happens.

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