Gateway 750 Power Switch

  Jester2K II 14:13 07 Jun 2003

Need some help for a friend with a broken power switch on his Gateway 750 PC.

A little while ago the switch started to sink into the case then a few days ago it disappeared right into the case.

Removing the front panel shows that the grey switch swings on two arms, both of which are broken. So we need to replace the switch.

The case also has a huge vent in the side as the Athlon cooler has a huge hopper type intake over it (really surprised by its size!!) so it's not too practical to just replace the case...

Anyway does any one know where i can get a replacement switch? At the moment they have to operate the PC with the frontcase panel off and press the "real" switch to power on. Not really ideal...


  bvw in bristol 14:46 07 Jun 2003

Gateway gave a 3 year Warranty with their machines, is it still within this 3 year period?

click here for technical support.

Good to see you again Jester2K.

  bhocip 15:09 07 Jun 2003

I had the same problem on a previoug Gateway. I used a switch from Maplin. Large Push to Make, Order code FH91Y.
I found that it would fit in the hole left by the broken part. The switch needs to have two fly leads soldered to it, to allow enough room to get the front fascia back. Hope this could help.

  Jester2K II 15:20 08 Jun 2003

Cheers the thing is the switch on the front of the case pushes the real switch behind. I don't really want to dismantle the case of start soldering on new switches - although it might come to that!!

  Jester2K II 17:01 09 Jun 2003

Cheers - Gateway have said the PC is under warranty but they have no switches in stock. So they are going to make a new one and deliver it for free in 7-10 days!!!

  spikeychris 17:15 09 Jun 2003

Mr 2K, well I never..

  Jester2K II 07:36 10 Jun 2003

NEVER? You must have....

  bhocip 09:31 10 Jun 2003

Pleased to hear you have got the problem sorted,obviously it will be the best solution. Just for the record, I did the same repair on another Gateway. The plastic swing arm seems to run on two very delicate pivots.
Keep going.

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