Garmin Nuvi 50 Sat Nav Anyone?.

  spuds 13:49 14 Jan 2013

Having had a Navman F20 for many years, which is working remarkably very well, I decided that I wanted a 5" screen model, so I have just obtained the Garmin Nuvi 50.

Have you purchased or used this model, or Garmin products in general, because I have just found that this model came with no instructions whatsoever, and that includes the AC power kit as an extra.

Reviews don't seem to mention this?.

Been onto Garmin, and basically its a case of downloading any information from their website or returning the item back to Argos.Not a very good solution.

Any information or advice appreciated, before I make a final decision.

  wiz-king 14:00 14 Jan 2013

All you get with a Tom Tom is one 'quick guide' sheet but the on screen users guide is quite good. Same with the power supply - a USB lead and a car lighter plug.

Its a way to make them appear cheaper.

  Woolwell 14:08 14 Jan 2013

A satnav, or any device, without a manual or instructions is fairly normal nowadays. With a satnav you have to connect to download updates and it is fairly easy to download the manual.

  spuds 14:12 14 Jan 2013


I didn't even have a 'quick guide', hence my concern.

With regards to the additional AC Power Kit, again nothing. One question to Garmin was the two USB type cables supplied with the adaptor power kit. One very short, the other longer with a 'black ballast round oblong' attached midway on USB cable (similar to those used on monitors). Still not sure how Garmin suggested which cable I use with International AC power supply adaptor.

Switched the sat nav on, and there is about a quarter charge in the unit. Seems instant sat pick-up,so better than the Navman. So far would like to keep, but its the lack of any instructions that annoying.

Garmin have promised to send a download link for set-up manual.

  spuds 14:18 14 Jan 2013


If only the box had told me that, but nothing. Garmin asked for the serial number so the device might be registered now, which would provide 90 days free update downloads?.

  Woolwell 14:18 14 Jan 2013

Garvin Nuvi 50 manuals. Found in a few minutes through Google.

  Woolwell 14:22 14 Jan 2013

The serial number may well be on the box but should be on the bottom of the unit (you have to remove the mounting bracket to view it).

  spuds 14:25 14 Jan 2013


I went there after speaking to Garmin, and they promising to send information and link.

But as I said earlier, rather annoying that there was no advice or information to start with. No warranty cards, quick start, nothing in both boxes. My Navman was supplied with all the information I required, and their support as been perfect.

I suppose you live and learn?.

  spuds 14:55 14 Jan 2013

That's it job done, just downloaded and printed the 32 page manual. The Quick Start guide is rubbish, but it did give the UK support telephone number.

Will tick as resolved, and read up later.

If anyone as this particular Garmin Nuvi 50, then please give me further likes, dislikes etc. I have already checked a few reviews.

  Ikarus 15:33 15 Jan 2013

Have same model but not used on road yet! Things I wish I had known before purchase:- 1. Can only insert one Via point per route. Not sure whether having arrived at this point the unit has to be re-programmed to the original destination. 2. Only "faster time, shorter distance or off road" options available. Shorter distance often seems to take you through the middle of towns thus extending the journey time by quite a lot. 3. Not possible to programme your own route.

  spuds 19:37 15 Jan 2013


I haven't got around to reading the instruction manual yet, so cannot help you there.

One thing that I may have noticed, is my particular unit was advertised as 'free 90 days updates'. Apparently it would now apply to 'one' update download only, within the 90 days?.

Had a bit of travelling to do today, and the old Navman F20 got me to the places I wanted, pity about it being a small screen though. At least the Garmin as the much bigger screen!.

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