Garmin Maps and Extracting File from Download

  peter99co 08:53 21 Mar 2010

I accidentally allowed a downloaded map file to begin extracting twice by pressing a launch button after the system had already launched the procedure. Because the file is so large (3.5gb) the machine appears to not be doing anything at all. (Task Manager showed almost idle)

This morning after leaving the computer running all night I am confronted by 2 Vista program run icons asking to be allowed to run. I have allowed one to continue and cancelled the other.

Is it possible I have still got an active program or will the second cancel have stopped both from running?

I know I can wait and see but it would be nice to know howf Vista allow/cancel permission option works.

  peter99co 10:08 21 Mar 2010

I suppose the real question is.

If I have 2 instances of Vista UAC running and I cancel 1 of them does the other continue to process?

  peter99co 14:01 21 Mar 2010

Any ideas please?

  peter99co 17:31 21 Mar 2010

Waited till midday and decided that the UAC had ended both instances of the running software even though 1 had been allowed to continue.

A restart and run of a single extraction of the downloaded map update started at 15.35 and continued to complete install of new European map onto the GPS unit finishing at 17.10

Hope the job is smoother for others who do this update

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