Garbage e mail being received in Bulk Folder!!

  TonyV 19:04 15 Feb 2006

I know that the garbage that ends up in my Bulk Folder is just that, Garbage! What I do not understand is why this e mail arrives at my box when the apparent address is not mine except for a part of the fist part and the Domain part. I have been twittering at BT Yahoo! Complaints Department, and they have now passed it on to the Techie people. If I want to follow it up I am to ring a phone number that they have provided. This, of course, I will not be doing, because on past experience, there will be no meaningful answer ensuing forth!

Tell me, do people on this forum get e mail that is not strictly addressed to them? I know full well, that if I send an e mail with an incorrect address it flies back to me so fast as to be untrue, so how is it that I get e mail that is not addressed to me?



  TonyV 21:19 15 Feb 2006

Closed out. I've put in Speakers Corner!


  brambles 21:25 15 Feb 2006

Yes it's frustrating & I sympathise with your view. I've raised the same question times.
I always read my email in Outlook Express & so what is going on in the Web based Bulk Folder doesn't affect me & it does get removed eventually.

Being a BTYahoo customer you are entitled to more than one email account - so why not create a secondary email address - something a bit different and only give it to your personal friends, and don't use it when you are purchasing online. I have one *******[email protected] and I never get any junk - that may be something to do with it being a secondary address. I have created one for my wife as well and that doesn't attract any either. Just an idea. Brambles

  TonyV 21:42 15 Feb 2006

Thanks for that. I didn't really want to go through the hoop of creating another e mail address. So I'll leave it with BT Yahoo! and see what they eventually come up with. It doesn't really matter since it doesn't get through to my OE6 e mail account. It just staggers me that it comes through to me and is sorted by BT Yahoo! even though it appears not to be addressed to me.



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