Gaphics Card Problem

  Tornik 12:04 08 Dec 2007

So, I've picked up a new Graphics Card to prop up my aging gaming PC, and grabbed a new PSU to power it.
The card is a Sapphire Radeon X1950pro, AGP version. I stuck it in my PC earlier on it the week, but almost immediately it started to artifact on the screen when I tried to run any games - as the PSU was only a 350 Watt, that didn't surprise me.
I've picked a new PSU, a Trust Computer Products 570 Watt, which (going by the specs) seems to be fine - it has two 12V rails, each giving out 16A.
Running World of Warcraft now goes fine, I've had it running finer for almost an hour with no problems, but I ran the Bioshock demo and it started artifacting almost immediately there. I'm downloading Half Life 2 just now, to see how that runs.
Is it likely that the problem now lies with the graphics card, or that my new PSU still isn't up to the task? Should the two power ports on teh graphics card be connected to separate power cables from the PSU, or is it okay for them to use the same one (as they are now)?

  The Belarussian Mafia 13:00 08 Dec 2007

Have you updated the card's driver to the latest version?

  Totally-braindead 13:05 08 Dec 2007

I couldn't get the Bioshock demo to run either, it started ok then locked up and I have no problem with anything else.

  gudgulf 13:12 08 Dec 2007

Could we have more information on the specification of the pc?

The more we know about it,the easier it will be pinpoint your problem.

You might need to update the motherboard drivers as well as the graphics drivers.

  Tornik 16:42 08 Dec 2007

Both the motherboard and graphics card drivers are the most recent ones available.

The motherboard is an Abit AI7 card, I'm running Windows XP with 1.5 Gb of RAM, and a Pentium 4 processor at 2.8 Gb.
My previous graphics card was a Sapphire Radeon 9600, which ran WoW and Half Life 2 without any problems.

I've just ran Half Life 2 again, and it seems to run fine, no artifacting in the first few minutes.

I'm feeling pretty sure it's the PSU to be honest - I've just finished watching two episodes of Heores in DIVX on the PC, and during the very last five minutes of it, there was a weird pink/purple colour over the screen, affecting Windows completely, not just DIVX.

  citadel 18:28 08 Dec 2007

make sure you have airflow through your case, a fan at the front to draw air in and one at the bak to expel hot air. when using a high end card it is best to use a quality psu, as these deliver solid stability and are efficient.
they cost more but you will get your money back in reduced electricty costs.

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