Gamma1.exe and k

  The Teacher 21:31 15 Jan 2005

If I go to the properties section of my computer I have two folders in there, although showing the folders icon, with the above names. The folders look like a blue border with a white centre, I assume this means they are applications, I have no idea what they are or what they do.

Anyone any ideas on what they are and whether or not they are safe? The only thing I have downloaded recently is SP1 but I don't know what files etc., actually come with SP1.

Thanks in advance.

The Teacher

  Ironman556 22:18 15 Jan 2005

Do you mean going into System Properties? I've switched mine to classic mode so don't know where properties takes you to. The two folders sound odd though.

Try scanning with adaware click here and spybot s&d click here

  The Teacher 19:16 16 Jan 2005

If you right click My Computer and then properties it brings up the list of what is in there, windows, program files etc., and these two are listed there.

I have run Norton, S & D etc., and they show as no problems.

  Ironman556 12:01 20 Jan 2005

The only folders I get in My Computer are the drives, My Documents, and Shared. Have you enabled hidden & system files? If you've scanned with ad-aware norton etc then there's a good chance they're safe. One last thini g I'd try though is googling for a torjan scanner. You could use an online scanner and see if that finds anything unusual.

  The Teacher 20:40 21 Jan 2005

I have hidden files etc., on view.

I have tried all sorts of scans for these and they do show safe, however I have no idea where they came from and the properties of each folder give me no clue.

The Gamma1.exe keeps wanting net access, but I don't allow it to, and I have no problems in accessing the net.

I don't want to remove them if they are genuine files for my OS, WinXP Pro, but neither do I want to keep them if they are malicous in some way.

The Teacher

  Ironman556 00:02 27 Jan 2005

I'd try renaming gamma1.exe to gamma1.old and see if anything stops working. It's strange that they've appeared and I can't find anything relevant on the net. I don't think it's anything to do with your O/S.

It might be somthing to do with other programs you've installed. Have you got any imaging/photo editing programs on your PC other than the standard stuff that comes with windows? Or anything to do with graphics card tweaking? Try renaming as above and see if anything stops working.

  The Teacher 20:12 30 Jan 2005

Sorry for late reply, very busy at school.

I will try what you say and see if it does the trick. I will post up when I have done so with any results that occur.

WRT photo editing etc., I have Serif PhotoPlus 7 on my PC, when I had WinME I had PhotoPlus 6 and don't recall the Gamma.exe file being there.

Thanks for advice.

The Teacher

  Ironman556 01:55 04 Feb 2005

You'll notice my replys are slow too, been busy at uni... with work that is

It may be that Serif PhotoPlus uses it to correct the gamma on the screen, so that the colours you see on screen are closer to those of the photo/print out. I think i recall seeing an Adobe gammaloader on my pc somewhere, it could be the Serif equivalent.

  ACOLYTE 02:08 04 Feb 2005

The only thing i can find about gamma1.exe is a link to this site and the La Cie Photon20Vision
monitor.I did find this about a gamma.exe click here find anything with gamma1k.exe.

  Ironman556 16:32 04 Feb 2005
  ACOLYTE 16:35 04 Feb 2005

yes the same link i was supposed to post i dont know why it was broken.

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