Gaming : X-Box or AthlonXP-PC

  Qmar 00:15 06 Jul 2003

If I want to start doing 3d-games (preferably on my TV screen).. would getting a 1.8GHz PC tv-out allow the same choice/standard of play as getting an X-Box ?

The PC would obv. Allow other capabilities.. but I just was looking at the gaming aspect on its own.

[ I was looking at Lidl Targa Visionary
-:1.8GHz mobileAthlonXP-128 firstlevelcache,512 secondlevelcache,266Mhz fsb , Mobility radeon9000 64MB DDR-RAM on board ,8x DVD-play , 24x10x24 CD-RW , 512DDR-RAM memory 333MHz clock ( + 32MB usbstick , 15? screen notebook- 1x firewire 2xusb 1xIR 1xPll modem Rj 45 network Tvout SVHS-Video , 2 x PCMCIA memeorycardreaders) chipset VIA KT 333 , Li-Ionen battery ,DJ audio function?£999 ]

  jazzypop 01:08 06 Jul 2003

You will get a far better 'gaming experience' from an Xbox than from any laptop, at a fraction of the price.

The cost of the Xbox can easily be recovered by not having to spend as much on a PC - gaming is still one of the most demanding (and expensive) things you can do with a PC. No games = cheaper PC.

  powerless 01:11 06 Jul 2003

Minesweeper needing Ghz to run ;-)))))

  hugh-265156 01:18 06 Jul 2003

i only, buy a xbox or do however look a lot better on a pc monitor with a top end graphics cant take this to your mates house very easily though.laptops for games are very expensive and cant be upgraded as with a desktop.alienware is the best for laptop gaming.

pc online gaming is great fun, though xbox live is now out and ps2 wil be soon.they are subscription only though.

buy a console and a pc.

  bigdamouk 03:13 06 Jul 2003

Of course what you've also got to think of is the TV's resolution.
Plugging a pc into the Tv and playing games would only enable a maximum res of 640x480 (I Think!)

  goonerbill 10:29 06 Jul 2003

even though i have my pc connected to my tv and use it for playing games, would suggest a games console if ya just want it to play games.
pc is ok for games on tv if ya got desktop pc and a highend graphics card.

forget the gamecube & ps2, get the xbox.

ps2 runs at 425mhz and uses sonys graphics chip.

xbox runs at 733mhz and uses a nvidia geforce3 for graphics.

gamecube is crap and far worse than the ps2.

  pinka 12:00 06 Jul 2003

ive played my pc on my tv and it was 800 x 600 , dont know if the fact its widescreen and runs slightly higher hz than most tvs but it did only have 16 bit colour , still looked every bit like an xbox game with the choice of fsaa and anisotropic , cleaner lines than xbox , but my pc cost £700 + so that said get Xbox.

  Qmar 23:31 06 Jul 2003

thanks all, for the valuable comments.

  woodchip 23:36 06 Jul 2003

I have always said a PC is for computing, if you like running games why muck your computer up doing it

  Lead 10:27 07 Jul 2003

If you want to play games in your living room, with your mates/family, possibly around at their homes, then a console is the way to go.

It is a far more sociable way to play too - four people, sat on a comfy sofa/cushion, plugged into the X-Box (more watching), slam in a disc and go. Have a few drinks, a few nibbles. Great fun. Try and do that on a PC (as easily/quickly).

PCs are great for on line play (I do this *all* the time) and the X-Box can share your internet connection too (I haven't done this yet), but multiplayer games with your opponents in the same room is infinitely more enjoyable.

As for the quality of the games, they are (usually) as good as those on a PC. If you spend all your time evaluating the quality of the graphics, then you need to reconsider why you play games in the first place :-)

If your living room is short of a DVD player, an X-Box will also solve this issue (with the purchase of a separate remote).

I'm lucky, I have both, I get the best of both worlds.

  Lead 10:50 07 Jul 2003

PS One of the best looking (and playing) games I have seen recently is Colin MCrae Rally 3, on the X-Box.

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