Gaming port advice needed please

  STEVE71163 10:47 31 Aug 2003

My son went out yesterday and bought a f1 game and steering wheel to use on our pc. The steering wheel plugs into the gaming port at the back of the system and as i dont want him around the back of the pc all the time are their any options such as an extention lead or any other ways ?

  -pops- 10:52 31 Aug 2003

It isn't a good idea to frequently plug/unplug these things, as you suggest. The pins aren't very strong and can easily get bent.

Can you leave the game port attachment permanently connected?. I'm not familiar with these things but most of the items that attach to the back of my machines are there permanently, whether or not I'm using them.


  David-277685 10:56 31 Aug 2003

agree with pops. do you really need to free up your game port? if you really have to then most computer retailers will be able to offer an extension cable.

  STEVE71163 11:09 31 Aug 2003

Thanks for replys. I would not mind it pluged into the gaming port permanantely but i dont really fancy a steering wheel on my desk all the time. Its a shame i cant disconnect at the steering wheel end.

  ton 13:59 31 Aug 2003

If you get an extension cable you can leave it plugged in at the back. Then just unplug and remove the steering wheel from the extension cable.

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