Gaming ping

  acceptmyname 15:01 04 Aug 2007

How do I get my gaming ping down

  wolfie3000 16:28 04 Aug 2007

depends on whch servers you connecting to,
Some game servers will always give you high pings,

One way is if your using either Roger wilco or teamspeak is to turn them off,

Also try to connect to servers that arent to busy or in some games make your own.

Maybe if you have other programs using your internet connection try turning them off.

But in the end as long as your not lagging out or not lagging, i wouldnt worry to much about your ping.

  djbenny 13:43 06 Aug 2007

well mine on Counter-Strike average is around 40 on 512k line, when i was at university my average ping was around 5, there are loads of ways to get your ping down, some mentioned above, but another way is to see if you can upgrade your net if you think its worth it to a higher speed

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