Gaming Pc for new user?

  _Frikz1901 03:04 04 Aug 2013

Hi everyone

I had like an old pc back when I was 14? and I used to love these MMOrPG games like Warcraft,RagnRok,Audition,maple story then I decided to get an upgrade and just then I decided to get a MacBook for my Xmas present ... ( big mistake ) I didn't realise that mac was just for entertainment And music and movie can't download any window Applications. I do miss the old time when playing my MMORPG. so I need an advise since I'm old enough to get a pc myself now I want to buy like a gaming desktop pc. Im not a hardcore gamer but I like to be able to play the MMOrpg game smoothly and I really want graphic to be good. My budget is around £1000. I have talked to dells staff about this and they recommend Alienware. My first choice was always an Alienware but later on I did some research and 9out of10 people said is a ripped off for expensive pc and not worth the product.

Can someone guide me through of what gaming pc I should buy?

Thanks for looking, let me know what you think

  Chronos the 2nd 09:22 04 Aug 2013

The question you have failed to answer and which makes giving any real advice tricky is 'how much do you want to spend?'

  _Frikz1901 11:26 04 Aug 2013

I did say £1000 but I guess you missed out that bit. Anything between £1000 - £1500

  Chronos the 2nd 13:14 04 Aug 2013

oops I am sorry,obviously to early for the eyes to be functioning.

Will post back with a couple of suggestions.

Will you need a monitor and keyboard and a mouse?

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