rtyui56789 21:22 28 Jun 2011

Hello guys, i have recently won a fair amount of money and want to switch from console gaming to PC gaming and i need to build a awesome PC. (Battlefield 3 is coming! :D) So i need advice on getting some quality parts so far i want to get these:


ASUS Rampage III - Black Edition

ASUS Xonar Xense

Intel i7-950 Quad-Core Processor

Corsair Dominator Memory 24GB 1600MHz C9 DDR3 with Airflow Fan

I have no idea what case or power supply i need or if there is anything else im missing! Could you give me a list of what i need and what you would rec commend? Thanks

  I am Spartacus 23:02 28 Jun 2011

You'd be better going for a Sandybridge build with a MSI P67A-GD53 (B3)

and either an Intel 2500K or a 2600K if planning on video editing at some stage. Either will overclock to high levels with a decent CPU heatsink and will outperform a i7 950

I doubt that there's any games that will make use of 24GB of RAM and only high end video editing or Photoshop are likely to come anywhere near close to using it. 8GB is probably more realistic.

Cases are a personal choice but a Corsair Obsidian 650D is pricey but quality.

A 650W PSU should be adequate and the Corsair HX650 is worth considering. If you plan on adding another Graphics card in SLI in the future then the HX850 should do it.

I'd suggest an SSD such as the 60GB OCZ Vertex 3 as your OS drive with something like a Samsung F3 or F4 as a data drive

  gengiscant 07:50 29 Jun 2011

What is your budget and are you looking for monitor?

  rtyui56789 14:23 29 Jun 2011

Around £8000 and yes i am. Thanks

  gengiscant 12:15 30 Jun 2011

You do not need to spend anything like that sort of money for a good gaming PC. Have a look at PCSpecialist or Dino PC and customise a gaming PC to your tastes.

Cannot provide links because the necessary icons have disappeared above the posting box.

  gengiscant 14:04 30 Jun 2011

Working now,PC have a look at the Vortex but configure it to your needs. Or Dino PC again you can configure it.

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