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Gaming PC Disaster, Please Help!

  Wilf.fletch 13:13 05 Jan 2019

OK so, my PC isn't even a year old but today it decided to have a total meltdown. The monitor won't display anything at all. The PSU is fine, the fans start spinning and the lights come on but the motherboard doesn't beep like it usually does and nothing happens. I've tried everything I can think of, please help.

  wee eddie 13:41 05 Jan 2019

Most likely, your Power Supply is getting cranky

  Menzie 14:30 05 Jan 2019

Have you checked:

All cables both inside and outside are seated securely.

Each Stick of memory to make sure one isn't faulty. Trying running the system with one of each if you have more than one installed.

If the system boots from the onboard graphics instead of the GPU if one is present.

If there is any drive activity (hard drive, DVD-ROM, etc).

Ultimately it could be your CPU or motherboard that is the issue (most likely the latter).

What are the specs of your system?

  Wilf.fletch 14:32 05 Jan 2019

I don't think so, I got it started and it loaded up. The first time I got to the sign in but then it crashed. The second time I logged in and programs began to run but it crashed within 3 minutes, this happened 2 more times. On the last time it started about 10 minutes ago, it was on for longer, about 5-8 minutes and then crashed but this time when I tried starting up again it made continuous long beeps, apparently meaning the memory isn't properly installed so I reinstalled it. However, that did nothing but make things worse and I am back to square one with roaring fans and no beeping.

  Wilf.fletch 14:42 05 Jan 2019

It isn't the cables or the ram, I don't think it is the GPU, but I wouldn't know how to check it's booting through that rather than on-board graphics. There are no DVD'S or anything actually inside.

Specs: AMD FX4300 4 Core 3.8/4.0GHz CPU Gigabyte RX460 GPU Gigabyte 78LMT USB 3.0 MOBO 8GB or RAM (1 stick) Corsair 450w PSU

Running Windows 10 Home

  Menzie 16:00 05 Jan 2019

When the machine crashes are you getting a blue screen? Or is it just locking up? Are you getting a stop error code if there is a blue screen?

  wee eddie 16:15 05 Jan 2019


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:16 05 Jan 2019

power off an disconnect power plug

press and hold power button for 30 seconds

reconnect and see what happens when you reboot.

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