Gaming PC Bundle, Which is better and is it worth it?

  BillyAsh 19:30 04 Dec 2014

Which is better to buy and is it worth it for the price? One had better processor, the other has a better graphics card, i'm really unsure on which to get.

click here in advance.


  BillyAsh 19:33 04 Dec 2014

Post messed up a bit but both hyperlinks work, sorry

  BillyAsh 21:54 04 Dec 2014

Thanks for the reply, ive taken a look and although there are bad reviews theres good reviews as well, the bad reviews are mainly to do with delivery and customer service not the actual products, but i wont be needed any of that anyway, as im getting it from amazon and i do know enough about computers to not mess it up :D just wondering which is better to buy for gaming.

  BillyAsh 22:13 04 Dec 2014

I think im just gunna go with my gut and go with the better graphics card one, thanks anyway

  wee eddie 22:40 04 Dec 2014

I was going to suggest the absolute opposite.

You can easily upgrade the Graphics Card, at a later date, but upgrading the Processor is something of a performance

  rdave13 23:18 04 Dec 2014

Personally I wouldn't go with either. The specs you see are minimal. No information about the motherboard or PSU for that matter. Both having Win 7 to me suggests older motherboards (BIOS) and the future is UEFI. A 'gaming' PC will set you back a further £100 more for a mediocre one and that will be just for the tower. I would imagine that all the components are the cheapest available.

  rdave13 23:34 04 Dec 2014

For interest only have a look at 8-best-gaming-pcs-in-uk-2014-2015 from PC Advisor. It will give a 'flavour' of what a gaming PC is about.

  BillyAsh 07:32 05 Dec 2014

Well i only have around £500 to spend on what i need and i am not looking for a top of the range one, im just looking for one that will get the job done as im only young and paying for it myself, the real question is would it run skyrim on medium or higher graphics, i wont be sticking with this computer forever, it will only have to last me about 2-3 years of playing games such as starcraft 2, league of legends, fallout new vegas and as above, skyrim. When i have saved up enough money then i will be going for a monster of a computer. :D Thanks for the replies.

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