gaming pc build parts compatibility

  vin24w 15:10 08 Dec 2016

hey can anyone help me out? im going to build my first pc, are these parts compatible with one another? if they dont, any possible recommendations? thanks.

motherboard: Asrock 970A-G/3.1 processor: AMD vishera FX-6300 RAM: Geil DDR3 evo veloce PC12800 (2x8GB) VGA: XFX radeon RX460 4GB DDR5 COOLER: 1stplayer steampunk watercooler dual fans PSU: antec edge 650w CASE: cube gaming weiss G1 and a couple of extra fans

also how well will this perform as gaming pc? i will be playing wide ranges of games from outlast, dark souls, sims, and etc.

  Archonar 15:25 08 Dec 2016

Use this website: pcpartpicker to check compatibility, just enter the components and it will tell you if you're going to have any compatibility issues.

As for how it will do, looks like it will perform just fine from a quick glance. The only thing is maybe look at DDR4 RAM but its certainly not a necessity.

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