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  bobjim12 22:44 21 Jun 2014

click here budget is about £500.

I probably want to run Battlefield/metro/skyrim at 60fps on high/ultra at 1920x1280

Will this achieve it and if not what could it probably achieve?

what major changes would you make also, thanks.


  Ian in Northampton 08:40 22 Jun 2014

I'm not sure you've got quite enough there to achieve what you're looking for. Others on here will tell you you'll get more from an Intel i5 - but you'll also pay quite a bit more. My son has a similar AMD processor for e.g. Skyrim, Planetside and so on and gets on fine with it. I think you need to budget more for your graphics card - that one is distinctly mid-range. For another £40 or so you could get e,g, a GTX660. I'm guessing - and it's a total guess - that the system you've configured will give you around 20-30 fps at max resolution. Up the graphics card by about £40, and you'll probably get mid-40s fps. To achieve what you're looking for, you'd probably need to spend about twice as much on the graphics card.

Others on here are more knowledgeable about gaming PCs, though.

  bobjim12 14:59 23 Jun 2014


So what could this setup achieve on high?

How about this card instead: vclick here

  bobjim12 15:10 23 Jun 2014

Posting to subscribe to this.

  bobjim12 15:22 23 Jun 2014

bit expensive though :(. Worth it though i suppose?

i already have random basic keyboards, is it really that important to buy a specific gaming one? whats the real difference? i use a laptop at the moment and i don't find issues with it tbh.

  bobjim12 18:10 23 Jun 2014

Good point, Suppose i shall go for it then, thank you!

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