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  jul 20:46 11 Jan 2006

Ive been asked by my son if I could build him a Gaming PC on a Budget, due to him being a student, the budget would be £250 for the motherboard and CPU which he want 64 bit and SLI compatable and the CPU must be AMD.
So I thought that due to the vast amount of knowledge on this Forum that I would ask what sort of Gaming system could be Built with the Budget of £250 for the Board and CPU.
He will need a case and has seen one for about £45 which he likes. I would be interested in your opinions on what sort of spec machine he could expect.

  gudgulf 21:17 11 Jan 2006

The total maximum budget for the whole pc would be usefull to know......along with what bits you already have.

Are you looking to build a complete system or just a new base unit?

What about a graphics card? Good quality here is vital in a gaming you already have a card or is the budget you stated above meant to include graphics?

For example you could get an SLI equipped motherboard by a decent manufacturer such a Gigabyte and an Athlon 64 3500+ cpu for £250 if it just for cpu/motherboard.

Plenty of prices to caompare at click here

  jul 21:30 11 Jan 2006

The £250 is just the motherboard and CPU he has a Monitor and has seen the case he wants £45 so the rest of the pc can be budget parts bearing in mind with the case and whatever motherboard and CPU he will be up to £300, i would think that He would like to spend no more than £500 on the Computer and Yes it is just the Base unit he will use the monitor he has already till he can afford another.
I will buy him a Graphics Card not sure what type yet but around £150 should do. the rest of the money will be on HD DVD/CDrom and DVD writer.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:49 11 Jan 2006

For around £150 you can get an nVidia GeForce 6800GS. They are very fast with similar performance to 6800GT, but cheaper. They also readily overclock. Stock speeds for most versions are GPU 425MHz and memory 1GHz. Mine is running stable and cool at 500MHz and 1.15GHz with around 15% improved frame rates. I read a review on a website where they ran one at 500MHz and 1.2GHz.

  gudgulf 21:51 11 Jan 2006

Then you will have a decent games orientated pc.

Go for a SATA hard drive with NCQ such as click here with plenty of capacity and decent performance.

For graphics an NVidia 6600GT (a little over £100) would be a good starting point (and a popular choice when used in SLI ) but for £150 this is a good choice click here

The 6800GS will easily outperform the 6600GT.

Don't forget the RAM memory either......a good starting point for a gaming rig is 1GB and it should be matched to a dual channel motherboard such as those with an n-force4 chipset.You can buy matched pairs of RAM sticks (2x512Mb) and it could cost up to £100.

Have a good look around the Microdirect website to get an idea of what things cost.

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