Gaming mouse for beginner

  frybluff 19:17 24 Feb 2012

Having just got a new laptop, with decent gaming capabilities, I want to get a mouse for gaming. Whilst I would be getting it for other members of the familly, I want to be able to give it a go, myself (a complete beginner).

What I want is something of decent quality, with some programability, but not something with "500" buttons, I wouldn't be able to use, or need an electronics degree to set up. The ability to actually use it as a MOUSE, would be handy. I don't want to spend a fortune, but don't want to get "cheap and nasty", that's likely to break in five minutes.

  KRONOS the First 01:19 25 Feb 2012

As you do not mention what you would like to spend it is difficult to suggest any particular mouse. I am a massive gamer and and find that I have never used the buttons that come with some mice so tend to buy a decent laser or optical mouse.

  frybluff 11:31 25 Feb 2012

As a complete beginner, I would have to be guided by someone else's experience. All I would say is that I am very right handed. I almost might as well have no left hand, for all the co-ordination I have. My thought about "additional mouse functions", was setting them to do what I would, otherwise, need my left hand for (you can tell I'm a beginner).

I don't mind spending £40, for one (even a bit more, if it's really worth it!). I would also welcome a suggestion of a good, first person shooter, game to get, to practice on, that's not too frustrating, for a beginner. (I've got 3GB GT555M)

  KRONOS the First 14:34 25 Feb 2012

I am currently using one of these:Logitech MX518 and feel it is an excellent mouse. You will find that you will have to use your left hand as you will find it difficult to use just your right to play ay game. I love my FPS games but what to reccommend to someone starting out. F.E.A.R perhaps, Doom £ maybe, Wolfenstien. It really is dificult to say. Just pick one you fancy but play on the easy setting till you get the hang of it. If your more comfortable with a gamepad then a lot of games support them.

  Jameslayer 20:30 14 Apr 2012

My mate gave me that mouse when he upgraded. Its a very good mouse and still going strong after a vouple of years. My mate probely used to it more than 10 hours a day for gaming. The one thing I took a while to get used to was the fact its slighter bigger than a standered mouse.

  ICF 10:05 15 Apr 2012

Just bought the Logitech G500 I'm very pleased with it

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