Gaming - CRT or Flat Screen

  Jester2K II 10:37 25 Oct 2003

I noticed that on page 22 of this months PCA, CTX predict CRT monitors will be rare by 2005.

Now my Iiyama CRT VM Pro 411 has (hopefully) a few years left in it. One day i would like a flat screen monitor but have refrained for now as the Iiyama CRT is so good....

However i understood that CRT was superior to TFT with regards to games playing (Refresh rates or something??)

Is this true? If so, will there be a gaming disadvantage using a TFT over a CRT?

  Legolas 10:50 25 Oct 2003

I have been looking into tft,s(pun unintentional) as I am building a system for my brother and he wants a 15" tft screen.

It would seem from my research that at one time and perhaps it is still the case with cheaper tft,s there was a problem with 'ghosting'
when playing games but now according to the reviews on the screens I looked at on ebuyer It seems to be less of a problem.

I don't understand all the technical jargon but if you read the reviews for this screen it seems very good. This is the one I am getting for my brothers system. click here

  Legolas 10:53 25 Oct 2003

Sorry wrong screen this is the one click here

  Proxy Worm 11:06 25 Oct 2003

CRT are better as they have solod coulour but i use TFT and i am a kid- i game alot, but i still think that the a 19" CRT is superior.

  goonerbill 11:35 25 Oct 2003

that monitor looks ok but it is only analog, no digital input.

if ya still after that monitor dabs is best place to buy from on price.

heres link click here

  The Sack 11:36 25 Oct 2003

My TFT performs as well as my CRT did in games and DVDs.

  Ivor_Monkey 19:14 25 Oct 2003

I think it depends on the TFT and the CRT. My guess is that for fast moving games you will get a better picture on a crt than TFT pound for pound.

Also some TFTs have dead pixels

But the difference gets less each year.

  Djohn 19:26 25 Oct 2003

AOC 17" TFT and it's superb for movies and games.

There are rumours of a new format of monitor due out soon. Flat/thin panel like TFT, but glass screen with a range of adjustments to resolution and same viewing angles etc. as in a CRT. j.

  A_World_Maker 19:39 25 Oct 2003

I use a Sharp 18.1" LL-TL1803 TFT, along with the DVI output from my ATI Radeon 9700pro, I get a very stable, clear and fast update picture. I figured it out, with TFT's its all about contrast ratios 400:1 being about right, along with the refresh rate of less than 20, should be cool. Don't get the refresh rate of the TFT (using DVI output, which is locked at 60 Hertz)with the ability of the TFT to update and control pixels.
All TFT's look good at the native resolution, so some games can't reach that resolution and remain playbale, will have an effect on the picture quality. All the 15" TFT's that I looked at, had a refresh rate that was too slow for games or DVD's. Assuming you aren't going to throw away your CRT, get a Radeon 9700 (which supports dual monitors, 1 analogue and 1 Digital at the same time) and connect both monitors for the best viewing of both Games on one, and 'normal windows' on the other? My advice, make sure you get a TFT with DVI connection.

Agree with A_World_Maker

A refresh rate of 25ms or less is ok for 15" TFT, but needs to be 20ms or less for 17".

A lot of the cheaper screens can be 30-40ms.

When I was helping my son to find a suitable monitor, it was difficult to get this kind of info from the sales staff of PCWorld, Currys etc.
They didn't seem to have a clue!

Eventually bought a Sony SDM-HS53 from Comet and it is excellent.

  Ken Ju-On 16:41 26 Oct 2003

I still find it hard to stomach it when I hear that CRT screens are better suited to gaming than TFTs. I've had an LG Flatron 18.1" TFT for 8 months, and have constantly played Jedi Knight 2 and Battlefield 1942 on it. It definitely looks better than what I see on a CRT.

If you're going to be looking intently at the screen for a period of time, as in gaming, then a TFT is definitely healthier for the eyes than a CRT.

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