Games/Videos etc too dark!

  Schmooziphisus 22:42 28 Apr 2005

Hi there, i have a problem that whenever I play a game or watch a video (windows media player) it is always too dark to watch normally. I have the brightness turned right up on my Belinea monitor and this has happened through three graphics cards so it is unlikely that.

With my old graphics card (Geforce FX5200) it had a colour overlay brightness setting that i could make higher so videos worked fine when that was set. It still had no settings for games though and if the game itself didn't include a gamma setting i could barely see.

Now i have a radeon 9800 pro with the latest omega drivers, and it seems to have a setting for games gamma, but the only thing i can find for overlay (which i believe is videos) it won't let me adjust, why is this?

Any other ideas please let me know, thanks!

  Schmooziphisus 08:15 29 Apr 2005

Anyone have any ideas at all?

  gudgulf 10:04 29 Apr 2005

It could be the monitor itself......try another one if you can.You could also try a set of drivers and the colour profile (ICM) file from the Belinea website click here#

If yours is running on generic Windows drivers it may be having an effect on its performance.

  Chegs ® 10:42 29 Apr 2005

I used to find this with my NVidia cards.Games were always way to dark to see anything.I used the GC settings to get the pic bright enough to see.I had several GC's,and swapping them about(all NVidia)discovered it was worst with the "budget" cards(unbranded V's Hercules/Leadtek)but only on one particular system(K7VZA mobo)Your not alone with the dark screen problem,and its not just Ati cards that suffer this.

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