Rossi#1 09:42 25 Apr 2006

I installed this on Friday with a new game and it immediately updated my integrated ATi X200 card. Since then weve had areas of blue on our Sims 2. So I uninstaled sons friends CD version and yesterday installed our new DVD version but its still there!
Is it a card problem or should I reinstall?

  Totally-braindead 18:48 25 Apr 2006

Could you tell me what Gameshadow actually is as I've never heard of it. Did a google search and it came up with this click here is this it?

  Totally-braindead 18:59 25 Apr 2006

If it is then I suspect one of two things have happened, either the program is not smart enough to detect proper updates and has downloaded the wrong thing to your PC or the game Sims 2 has a problem with the new graphics card driver. What I would do is delete this Gameshadow program and check manually for game and driver updates and roll back the driver for the graphics card to what it was before.
To roll back the driver, and here I'm assumming its XP you're running, goto control panel, then system, then hardware, then device manager. Double click on display adaptor. Double click on your graphics card, goto the driver and click roll back. That should load the previous driver that worked.

I would suggest that because its integrated graphics you are better installing new drivers from either the computer manufacturers website if its a brand make one or from the motherboard manufacturers website if its an unbranded one.

Personally I don't like these third party programs that say they will sort out things like this, I think you are better doing it manually.

  Rossi#1 19:55 25 Apr 2006

Aye thats gameshadow. It came with Championship manager. Anyway Ive been into the Device Manager and it says I need to type in a path to ati2.sys or something.
What if I get the latest update from ATi themselves? Will that cure it?
Sorry for being such a thicko but Im very new to this.

  Totally-braindead 20:40 25 Apr 2006

click here this should be the driver. I am not too well versed in integrated graphics. If it doen't work properly or you have a problem with it post back with either the make and model of your motherboard or if its a branded computer like made by dell or evesham or whatever, if you post back with the make and model number someone will supply a link to you.

Just had a thought actually. You should have a disk that you got with the computer for the motherboard and it will have the graphics driver on it. This would be the driver you were using before you got the problem. You could just use that.

  Rossi#1 12:33 26 Apr 2006

Updated the driver and I got a patch from EA plus a remedy that didnt work. Im guessing my card has a problem so Im just gonna have to convince the missus to let me buy a new one.

  Totally-braindead 15:44 26 Apr 2006

You had better check that your computer actually has a slot for a graphics card. Perhaps I didn't explain it too well. Your computer does not actually have a graphics card as such. Its built into the motherboard and cannot be replaced.

You can choose not to use the onboard graphics however and fit a proper dedicated graphics card but you need to check whether you have either an AGP slot or a PCI Express slot. If you have neither you could still use a spare PCI slot(these are different from PCI Express and there aren't that many of them).

Post back with the make/model of your computer if you are unsure, if you have a manual with a picture of the motherboard it should tell you.

  Rossi#1 17:30 26 Apr 2006

EA have got back to me and told me to shut down all unnessary processes so Im going to try that.
My computer has a PCI-Express.I did read somewhere about fitting a card.Putting it in is the easy part but then you have to go into the BIOS and disable the built-in card.

  Totally-braindead 17:48 26 Apr 2006

Sometimes you do have to go into BIOS and disable the onboard graphics and with some you just have to have the new card plugged in, it automatically detects the card and disables the onboard graphics. Not wanting to rain on your parade here but you've never mentioned what computer you have. There was someone on the Forum last week who had a Dell I think it was and bought a PCI Express card cos his computer had a PCI Express slot. What he didn't realise was the slot was a PCIE slot for other peripherals like a modem or router. It would not take a graphics card. Better to confirm what you have before buying something that is no use. Make/model of computer could help confirm.

  Rossi#1 17:54 26 Apr 2006

Its a Compaq Presario SR1619UK.
And for an update I ended the processes but with no luck. We're starting to wonder if its the CD/DVD drive.How do you check the health of that?

  Totally-braindead 18:05 26 Apr 2006

Try it with something else, a dvd and a cd.

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