tbh72 02:05 27 Mar 2003

I don't know if FE will approve, but there are a hardcore numbers of gamers on this site which still seek advice on games. It would be nice to have all the games queries together.

So here it is, a special folder just for you gamers, just remember if you need answers about games you can now easily find them by typing GAMES into the helproom search.

If this proves successful, may'be FE will consider adding the older threads into this folder.


  Spook Tooth 02:18 27 Mar 2003

The Gamesroom was closed because of the fact it was consuming too many resources and therefore was uneconomical to run.

I think though your idea is a good one, it won't be popular with the staff as like you say, those hard core of gamers here will soon have this thread stretching out to multiple pages. There may well be reasons why it isn't a problem to have a Gaming Thread as opposed to a Gamesroom, but in the absence of fully understanding why it was that the Gamesroom was such a costly site addition I can but only speculate.

Hope it works though. Get the Desert Combat mod for BF1942 if you haven't already, and buy BF1942 for £20 from GAME firstly (if you've not got it yet...). Remember to patch it first if you want to play online (EA v1.31 and DCmod v.025). Also, the official 'Aberdeen' map is now available. (Tentative first post to test the waters... and a kick start to the whole process.)

click here

click here

click here

  tbh72 02:30 27 Mar 2003

Welcome to the GAMES thread Spook Tooth, thanks for the links I'm sure they'll be followed up with interest.

  Bacon & Eggs 02:43 27 Mar 2003

Ridiculous point I know, but you could set up a newsgroup for your gaming malarky?

something to the tune of ... just a suggestion...

  tbh72 02:54 27 Mar 2003

Actually....... My punishment for this idea will no doubt be way to email notification's!!!! That will serve me right for not thinking thing's through properly!!!! FE will probably CHARGE me to remove this thread, holding me to ransom as he knows how important email notification is.

  Spook Tooth 06:47 27 Mar 2003

I dunno but there were unique aspects to this site - the 'mature' audience for one. (Mostly). If you've ever visited most games forums, you'll quickly realise they are populated by utter childish idiots. It's not a pretty site.

I'd love to set up a newsgroup/forum and to have control or choice of certain aspects (presentation etc), though personally I know zilch about either web design or the expense involved with renting the use of a ready made template for the purpose. Having it hosted would be another matter altogether, and I don't mind being quoted as saying I'm not overly keen on the idea of shelling out heaps of cash for people who wouldn't appreciate or contribute in an adult manner, as they did here.

We are living elsewhere but the place, as nice as it is, is utterly devoid of traffic. I've been busy compiling a game faq for certain popular titles but with no idea if anyone's even reading let alone interested in the quite substantial amounts of time/effort put in, it harly seems worth it. 3 months on from the PCA GR closure and well, it's the end.

Glad you thought the links were ok, tbh72. You're welcome - I'll wait and see the outcome and if we get the nod for keeping this thread, I'll post some further links.

  simonp1 07:32 27 Mar 2003

tbh72 i think this thread is a cool idea, keeps all the "gamers" in a little corner. Well its only one day before CM4 is out, its going to be a long summer.

  ordep 08:02 27 Mar 2003

I wish you well tbh72. would be nice to see your idea take off, though i fear it may not as kingkenny inquired after the gamesroom a couple of weeks ago,click here after a brief reply, the post was locked.

  tbh72 13:10 27 Mar 2003

with all that info, im sure if you decided to set up a website themed on gaming you could get all the help you needed here.

I'm by no means the world's best site designer but if you want me to put your ideas into practise I'll give it a go!!!!

  Pilch.... 16:29 27 Mar 2003

click here is the palce that i tried to set up a small replacement to the gamesroom on my server.....

At the mo no-one is there, but i want it to be used!!

  ellese 16:38 27 Mar 2003

After sucessfully installing command and conquer- generals on my computer, i watched the game starting (a video clip) then the game went on to the usual options screen. I clicked on training mode, then the game loaded for a little second but then i was put back on to the windows desktop with an error message saying "sorry, a serious technical error has ocurred", i don't think it is anything to do with the graphics as i installed directX 8.1 from the game itself and it loaded initially successfully, can anyone help?. I am running windows98 by the way.

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