Games started freezing all of sudden

  n3m0 14:15 29 Oct 2018

So I have this problem that started like a month ago. All of my games freeze after a couple of minutes of gameplay. Games like GTA V, Assassin's creed 3 and 4, Wasteland 2, Fallout 3, I can play for like 5 to 20 minutes and than the game just freezes, not the PC though, cause I can escape through ctrl alt del. I've tried reinstalling the games, updating my drivers and Windows, playing on low settings, even contacting Ubisoft about the AC 4. I hope someone here can help me, thanks.

my specs: GeForce GTX 650 (1GB RAM) 8 GB of RAM intel core i3-4130 3.4 GHz Windows 10 64bit

  KEITH 1955 16:08 29 Oct 2018

as you have tried everything on low setting I would try typing windows memory diagnosis and let it run , it will take a while , this will tell you if you have any faulty ram sticks. I see you got gta v , run the stress test program for a while to see if it crashes.

Type reliability monitor into your search box and study the reported errors.

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