Games problem using XP Home.

  birdface 15:20 08 May 2010

Hi.Gave my daughter my old computer a few months back and the R/W drive does not show any Games when inserting DVD.
Actually it shows nothing on screen when CD or DVD is installed.
The actual DVD Drive stopped working a few years back and I always used the R/W drive after that.
But nothing at all showing when dvd is inserted.
She had lost the menu bar the other night so not sure if the kids have been messing about with it or not.That was easy enough to put right.
Anyone any idea as to why it is not working properly.
Java and Flash all working and have ran her security programs and all is clean.
Will be going up to her house within the next hour or so any ideas welcome.

  birdface 15:24 08 May 2010

Should have added no yellow exclamation marks in device manager there is no graphics card installed I think it is embedded in the motherboard chipset.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:25 08 May 2010

No CD/DVD or CD-ROM access is missing error Code 19, Code 31, Code 32, Code 39, or Code 41
Try this if the optical drives are not appearing in My Computer or Device Manager.
(This is sometimes caused by the removal of Roxio or other writing software.)

click here
Download and save this file to your hard drive. Navigate to where you saved it and double click the file to extract the contents. Locate the EXE file you extracted and double click it. A confirmation dialog will appear when the script is done. You may need to reboot for the change to take effect.
This utility is only intended for Windows® XP, but also appears to work for Vista and Windows 7.
You may need Administrator level access to use this utility. If you do not have Administrator level access, the program will say it is finished, but will not have made any changes.

Similar fixes
click here works for vista or XP
click here

or manual fix
Run regedit and navigate to registry key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\ {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
Highlight it and in the right pane, find the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values.
Highlight each one in turn, right click and delete them.
Close regedit and restart the computer.
If in doubt make a restore point before making changes.

  birdface 15:35 08 May 2010

Hi Fruit Bat I have tried upper and lower filters when I had the computer and there were none on it.
No error codes nothing appears but will try you click here's when I get up there.Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:53 08 May 2010

Also check data cable is tight at drive and motherboard.

Jumpers master and slave if two drives or both Cable select.

Power cables are connected tightly.

At less than £20 for a DVD RW its not worth messing further.

  birdface 13:10 10 May 2010

Nope nothing works so looks like a new DVD RW is required.
Not sure if it is worth spending money on or scrapping it but will see what she say's.
Thanks for your help will now class as resolved.

  birdface 10:08 11 May 2010

Ran Microsoft Fix It and It did say something about being unable to read File or something like that.Removed the drivers and reinstalled them and no difference.
She has another old computer in the house somewhere so I may just reformat that and shift the 2gb memory on to that and see if that works.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:25 11 May 2010

Have you tried just swapping the DVD drive over?

  birdface 10:51 11 May 2010

Not yet.I will have to track down the other computer first.
The other computer is a year older but has had less use so I thought maybe try that with the 2mb Memory from the other one first to see if it was any quicker.
It is only a temporary thing as the kids 2 laptops are not working for different reasons but may get repaired.
A cash flow problem at the moment her hubby is getting laid of at the end of the month firm going into liquidation so they have to be careful what they spend.
But I am sure I will get both of the old computers going properly which will give them something to use.
I would recommend anyone with kids not to buy them a laptop as they just do not look after them.
If you mention a virus to them they think you are talking about the Flu or Cold.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:01 11 May 2010

My sister bought her two kids Toshiba laptops for Christmas the other year.

Fortunately I was the one that set them up first - removed the "Junk programs" that came with them, installed Antivirus and antimalware programs, made the recovery DVDs installed and set up Acronis to back up everything when they synced to the home network.

Proved useful when eldest couldn't boot from hard drive with all her Uni stuff on it.

  birdface 11:20 11 May 2010

I take it you had to set the security programs to run themselves.
None of my Grand kids know how to run their Security programs even though I have shown them on a few different occasions.
How they have run almost virus free for so long I have no idea.
Tell them not to use it in bed or sit it on there knee while using it is a waste of time.
And stretching the power lead does it no good.
It All lands in deaf ears.
Older grandaughter just broke her power lead and it is £40-£80 to renew that.
She has a part time job while going to collage so she might look after it a bit better when she has to pay for the new part herself.
Just part of growing up i suppose.

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