games prob

  donnka 19:47 27 Sep 2003

using xp , cant seem to be able to load up or play medieval total war pc game , is there any way of getting it to work for xp

  goonerbill 19:52 27 Sep 2003

will it run on xp. there is a compatability mode for games but its not that good.

  Proxy worm 19:54 27 Sep 2003

yeh check on the cover or maybe something wrong with the config. Re-install it

  wags 20:36 27 Sep 2003

I'm playing Medieval Total War on XP with no probs.The game was written for 98/ME/XP, so you will not need to run it in compatability mode.

Have you tried loading it on another PC ? I recommend that you do this first as it may be that you have a faulty disk, in which case you should return it to the retailer for a replacement.

  citadel 21:26 27 Sep 2003

if you have a ati graphics card you need the correct drivers to make it run.

  donnka 20:52 28 Sep 2003

have reinstalled a couple of times , disk not faulty , i know it works in other xp systems but not mine , dont know why , where do reconfig it , maybe that is the reason

  ordep 08:17 29 Sep 2003

As wags has said,It should run ok in XP.

Run through this list of possible causes of games not running, the answer is probable there.

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