Games/ OCCT PSU test rebooting PC ( PSU Problem?)

  [email protected] 04:37 24 Sep 2015

As the title says my PC started rebooting during games, and after running many stress tests and following suggestions, I finally found a way to replicate the problem. When I run OCCT PSU stress test, my PC reboots within a second. It was unexpected since running Prime 95 together with Furmark didn't cause any reboots.

Anyway, do you think the issue is my PSU? I already have a new graphics card arriving within 10 days. How should I go from here to find the issue? My specs are as in the following link: click here

  [email protected] 13:41 24 Sep 2015

It seems when I decrease GPU VCore, memory and core clocks the occt psu test doesn't cause a reboot. What des it mean?

  Govan1x 11:05 25 Sep 2015

Not saying this is your problem but worth a read. Bad Windows Update for gamers.

Click here

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