Games lagging on a new pc please help!!

  Ddhw 18:19 02 Aug 2018

So i recently bought a new pc and when i started playing games it started lagging and the fps was low. I asked the guy from the store who sell it to me what’s wrong and he said that there was some virus so he fixed it but then it still lagged. my specs are good and its a gaming pc as well. And i played the same games i played on my last pc wich’s specs were worse than this new one and it didnt lag. I changed some setting and downloaded GeForce experience and now it lags a little less but still lags. I played games like gta5, mafia3, dying light... and they all lagged but my pc should be able to handle them easily. Please could someone help maybe there are some settings i could change bc i bought this pc for gaming and it was expensive and now i cant even play anything and idk what to do. Its possible to play a game for like 15 minutes and it lags a little but after a while its starts lagging more and i cant play it anymore. If you need my specs let me know

  wee eddie 18:39 02 Aug 2018

What are the PC's specs. I would not trust the guy in the store. That is rarely what Virus's do.

  Ddhw 18:48 02 Aug 2018

My specs Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU 2.60 GHz 4,00 GB RAM, 64bit system

  martd7 19:13 02 Aug 2018

Graphics card?

4gb ram I'm surprised it plays the games you list might be why they are slow

Sorry to say not what I'd call a Gaming PC

  wee eddie 19:15 02 Aug 2018

I hope that you didn't spend too much. That is not a Gamer, no wonder it was lagging.

You didn't mention a Graphics Card and 4GB RAM is less than adequate for Gaming

  Ddhw 19:27 02 Aug 2018

Intel(R) HD graphics 530 and nvidia GeForce GTX 960M

  Ddhw 19:29 02 Aug 2018

So should i upgrade from 4 to 8 gb ram?

  wee eddie 19:58 02 Aug 2018

At the very least. Is your RAM 2x2GB or 1x4GB?

Unless it's fast RAM, I should replace it by as much as you can afford. 8GB is the bottom line for Windows 10, for serious Gaming, 16GB is better.

  Ddhw 20:11 02 Aug 2018

1x4gb. So if i would upgrade to 16 gb are my other specs good for gaming? Bc its not worth it if they’re not

  Ddhw 20:23 02 Aug 2018

Oh wait i actually dont know if mine is 1x4 or 2x2 gb

  wee eddie 20:24 02 Aug 2018

I'm on my phone at the present so I have no real way of checking your MOBO & Graphics Card's capabilities.

However there are a couple of serious Gamers who drop into the Forum quite regularly. I'm sure that they'll give you some advice

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