games keep slowing down then speeding up

  tommy900 14:19 21 Mar 2005

hi my pc has been running very strangly sometimes it works great then you can show the frame rate per second and its going from 120 to 40 and it keeps switching between the two realy quikly (or there abouts)iv got a ati x800 platinum edition a sweex 650 watt power supley and a pentium 4 3.4 hyper threading prossecer a msi tg 865pe motherboard, corsair 1g pc4000 twin 512mb each a western digital 250 g harddrive 7200 rpm. do u have any idea whats happening a mate told me the harddrive could be dodgy. iv done tests on 3dmark 05 and evrything is normal compared to other peoples results the cpus fine and the graphics card is fine so i dont think it could be them, if anyone knows whats going on ud be doing me a big favor

  Technotiger 14:32 21 Mar 2005

Hi, looks as if you have a very good setup there - however, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link, think about it. I would suggest a thorough check of all connections inside and outside of your case, including mem sticks and ide cables. It would only need a simple loose or badly fitted connection to give you your problem. Other than that perhaps possible power surges from other electrics within you vicinity.

Good luck on getting it sorted anyway


  tommy900 15:18 21 Mar 2005

hi iv also got one of those secure harddrive connectors come to think of it ,it did start slowing down around then and the graphics card power cable looks a bit dodgy(some pins a a tad loose) could that be it everything else seems alright

  Yoda Knight 15:27 21 Mar 2005

try it & see

  tommy900 16:52 21 Mar 2005

i put the old cable back in and its the same iv just been playing half life 2 and in a quite area on the game its running at 190 fps but its still running jerky and the frame rates arnt flicker between 40 and over a hundred any ideas what that could be

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