Games have stopped outputting any Sound

  Adamski 10:39 12 Dec 2003

We really only use the pc for kids games infrequently but in the last few weeks they have suddenly stopped outputting and sound.

Games such as Black & White worked fine but for no apparant reason went quiet on us !

Yesterday I installed a demo of Lord of the Rings and this games also refused to output sound.

The speakers appear fine and still output all other pc sounds as usual.

As I have already bought the kids some pc games for Christmas I'm worried they might be disappointed when they try to play them. Any help gratefuly appreciated.

  AndySD 12:35 12 Dec 2003

The most probable cause is the sound card drivers have become corrupted (try reinstalling them) my scond thought is to reinstall Direct X from microsoft. If you dont know the sound card use click here and post back the details and your operating system.

  Chegs ® 13:29 12 Dec 2003

I get this often with my soundblaster card.I cannot get any sounds at all,launch the SB's "Speakers" app,click "Test" button and the sound returns from everything.It started after I installed latest driver for the card,removal of the latest driver,and return to oem driver causes games and TV cards sound to vanish and nothing will get them working again until I restore the newer driver.As AndySD says,its likely to be the sound driver(although if your using onboard sound,it could get tricky)

  Stuartli 13:47 12 Dec 2003

You might also have inadvertently muted the sound output in one of your games programs - many programs and utilities have such a feature, such as Windows Media Player - or in your Mixer panel.

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