Games freeze when keys are pressed

  dutch1mart 14:52 12 Jul 2014

My game freezes when keys are held down, if i feather other keys than this doesn't seem to be so much of a problem but that's not a practical solution.

On the task manager i don't seem to be able to find any key logger/malware in the processors. When the game freezes, if i look at the processors then the CPU that the program is taking up will drop significantly compared to the normal. The memory/ram usage is not affected.

Also this used to happen on my old screen but when i changed it it stopped for a bit, now after a week or so the problem has come back.

Any help would be wonderful.

  dutch1mart 15:53 12 Jul 2014

logitech k200 keyboard, gtx 650, amd phentom(tm) II X6 1055t processor 2.80 ghz, 8 gb ram, 500 watt psu, windows 7

  dutch1mart 16:40 12 Jul 2014

ive tried other keyboards, no change, cleared out temp files, no change, it seems to be a select couple of games, all the Armas and Minecraft do the above, ghost recon doesnt and neither does civ 5, i'm not sure what the connection might be?

  dutch1mart 17:41 12 Jul 2014

running etc, basically everything, flying helis, unless you meant something else?

  dutch1mart 20:18 12 Jul 2014

could it be a cpu problem, only that mine is old and my computer occasionally picks up 5 cores, my gpu is new so that shouldnt be a problem,

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