Games on external HDs?

  Natcrow 13:02 12 Jan 2006

I have just bought a 160gb external USB hard drive, I want to use it to store MPEGs & MP3s primarily but I would also like to reinstall all of my games on to the external drive, does anyone know if installing games to an external drive is likely to cause problems?

  PaulB2005 13:06 12 Jan 2006

Will be very slow. Wouldn't bother.

  Totally-braindead 13:20 12 Jan 2006

I presume you have USB 2.0, if you don't its not even worth trying. It may work, theres no harm in trying it with one game, only thing I would like to point out is that if it works you will be using the hard drive quite hard and since they are more expensive I would personally think that fitting another internal hard drive would be easier, cheaper and have less problems.

  Genius1 13:20 12 Jan 2006

Yes, the rate of data transfer through a USB cable would be too slow for playing games.

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