Games cut out.

  kult 14:12 03 Dec 2004

Hi all.

I was wondering if I could pick your collective brains.

My machine cuts out mid why through playing a game, doom3, rise of nations and others.

i'm playing the game all nice and well then suddenly it defaults back to the green feild of windows with no warning. I can start the game up again and it'll work but will crash. There seems to be no pattern.

I run an amd 2500+ 1gb DDR400 ram and a winfast 128mb fx5900 graphics. I have an idea of whats wrong, but thought i'd ask for some help.

Cheers Kult.

  PA28 14:15 03 Dec 2004

Check graphics drivers up to date, memory fully seated, no overheating (you may be able to check the last by removing the casing). First is the most likely remedy. I take it you have no conflicts with Sound or Joystick drivers?

  kult 14:21 03 Dec 2004

nope no conflicts, the graphics card is seated correctly but i will check again, memory is fine but again i will check.

There are no conflicts.

It was the overheating thing that I thought it could be, originally the processor ran at about 60 degrees. I have removed the side of the case and placed a case fan in front of it which is cooling the whole system.

I thought that one of the big boys had over heated, the processor, the memory of worse still the mobo. What do you all rekon.

  Urotsukidoji 14:27 03 Dec 2004

i doubt its a heat issue, due to the fact that it only crashes out to windows. have you:

a: updated your windows installation

b: updated your graphics drivers?

c: updated your direct x installation

d: checked for patches for these games?

  PA28 14:33 03 Dec 2004

just a further thought - have you got the latest DX installed if Doom3 needs it and your card supports it (sorry, I'm not a great games player but I know that this one is pushing the frontiers) I think we're on 9c now. Try running dxdiag (Start>run>dxdiag) to make sure all is in order in that department.

If your drivers are the latest I would go for overheating of either main processor or the graphics card processor - my suggestion of running with the case off should confirm or deny this - you can make sure all fans are working and airways are clear. Depending on the processor I would say that 60C is fine - mine runs hotter than that (AMD3200XP). It might just be worth having a look in the BIOS to see if your thermal throttle on the chip is set at 60 - I've set mine up to 70 with no ill effects to handle peaks such as you might be getting.

  PA28 14:35 03 Dec 2004

cross post with Urotsukidoji!

  Grouse ® 14:43 03 Dec 2004

seems like a heat issue, how is your case fans set up.................

  kult 14:48 03 Dec 2004

no running windows xp pro service pack 1

Tried drivers but thats not worked

Direct x is at nine and doom3 comes with it on the disk so should be fine i would think.

Patches i've not tried but its not just one game it all of them, so doubt its anything to do with patches.

Graphics card is encased in aluminium with one fan sucking in and one blowing out. i'll check both fans are working but the case just gets warm so don't think it over heating.

I'm stumped the only thing i can think of is that one of the main componants as mentioned before is failing in some way.

Cheers for all the help keep it coming.

Thanks Kult.

  kult 14:51 03 Dec 2004

I have a desk fan sat directly opposite the mobo the cpu temp never goes over 55 now. But have I already done the damage to one of the componants.

The fans where set up two blowing in (1 directly at the proccessor) and 1 exaust fan.

  Jdoki 14:53 03 Dec 2004

I agree with Urotsukidoji - unlikely to be overheating as this pretty much always results in a system shutdown/reboot (or a screen corruption) rather a drop to desktop.

Can you give more info - what happens when you try and restart the game? You mentioned it always crashes. Any error messages?

What soundcard are you using?

Might be worth downloading 3DMark05 - see if it drops when running the graphics test on that that (choose just graphics test and set it to re-run a few times). If it doesn't crash then run the 'demo' - this adds in sound - if it crashes it may be a sound driver rather than a graphics problem.

  kult 15:01 03 Dec 2004

No no messages at all the game just stops and then it returns to windows.

If I restart the game it will start and play but it will eventually stop again, it might take 5 mins or 20 mins there is no pattern, i can do this as often as i like.

Some games seem to stop quicker than others which I must agree would point to the graphics card, but as i've said its not running exceptionally hot and the computer works normally with "normal" programe.

Its a good one ain't it. i'm stumped. The concensus is the graphics card so i'll have a good look at that.

The sound is on board a gigabyte mobo.

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