>steve< 02:35 14 Apr 2006

i have a xbox i have bought a lot of games but some of the games have got damaged and wont load so i have tried to make a backup copy but when i tried to load the game it don't load i used nero6 and just selected copy entire disk what did i do wrong?

  david889 02:49 14 Apr 2006

games consoles do not read copied games due to the high number of dealers selling copies of games.

  Totally-braindead 09:17 14 Apr 2006

Plus if the disks were damaged as you say then the chances of reading them properly to make a copy is next to zero.

  >steve< 23:56 14 Apr 2006

you misunderstand when i buy said games instead of playing the original i want to copy the disk and play that keeping the original in perfect condition because we all know Cd's don't last forever.

  gudgulf 09:44 15 Apr 2006

Although I don't have an X-Box myself you will find the information you need readilyt available on the web.

I've taken the liberty of mailing you a link to get you going.....Backup copying is a grey area and not really condoned by this Forum.

You will find it is not a straitforward task with an X-Box!

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