gamepad/joystick not working!

  dieselnc 13:55 06 Nov 2004

have plugged in a gamepad it shoud be plug and play but no power to it led does not come on am running win 98 se any ideas please?

  Carpigiani 14:00 06 Nov 2004

This might be a silly question, but have you installed the software for it?
Also is it USB, many USB devices need the drivers installed before you connect them.

  nuker 14:01 06 Nov 2004

right click my computer go to properties click the hardware tab go to device manager to see if the port you are trying to use has been configured right

  dieselnc 14:11 06 Nov 2004

it is not usb, it is a microsoft sidewinder game pad.which port is it that should be configured?

  nuker 14:27 06 Nov 2004

looking at the connection of it possibly the com port, see if there is a yellow ! or ? next to them dbl click on it check to see if it working properly

  dieselnc 14:45 06 Nov 2004

when i go into device manager under sound video & game controllers there are no yellow marks or question marks it lists creative gameport joystick
when i go into control panel/gaming options & try to configure the gamepad it lists it as" not connected"

  ACOLYTE 14:52 06 Nov 2004

Try adding it yourself from the list in the joystick calibrate page if it doesnt match yours exactly pick the nearest one.

  dieselnc 15:04 06 Nov 2004

when i try to configure it it says "not connected"
cannot configure it as properties is not highlighted

  ACOLYTE 15:09 06 Nov 2004

Add a joystick nearest to yours like 4 button gamepad/joystick there should be a list if you click add joystick.

  dieselnc 16:10 06 Nov 2004

see above

  dieselnc 16:23 06 Nov 2004

when i click properties i get an error message
"your game controller is not connected correctly
ensure that it is plugged into your computer" ???
so i does not recognize that it is plugged in how do i ensure that the joystick port is configured correctly?

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