Gameing pc?

  Rivodus 18:37 16 Sep 2010

Hi I'm getting a new pc a gaming one preferably, I have a budget of about £1500, I'm looking for a pc with an i7 processor a decent psu good ram good graphics card liquid cooling, you get the picture :) I was looking at the acer (predator g7750).

can someone recommend a good gaming pc that fits into my budget.. all suggestions welcome.

  Dragon_Heart 23:41 16 Sep 2010

..... looks like it's already on fire. Misco have them at about £1350.

For about £50 more you could have the Gladiator Trident SLI Black Pearl OC "Water-Cooled" Quiet Gaming PC :-

2 overclocked NVIDIA GTX 460 1GB graphics cards

Overclocked i7 930 at 4.00GHz that's Water-Cooled

6GB of low latency DDR3 Triple Channel memory

A 64GB SATA 3 Crucial C300 Solid State Drive that has Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

1TB Samsung SpinPoint F3 SATA-II Hard Drive

650w power supply

  Dragon_Heart 23:42 16 Sep 2010
  Kevscar1 06:14 17 Sep 2010

Unless you are happy opening up the computer and pouring the water in stay away.

  Rivodus 14:22 17 Sep 2010

Aww that pc looked great , do you really have to keep opening up the computer to put water in? I looked at the price of that Gladiator Trident SLI Black Pearl and I was amazed at what you get for the price you pay ,. that is exactly what I'm looking for but if anyone knows of any other computers that they can recommend fell free to post.

  Dragon_Heart 20:35 17 Sep 2010

They use something like Fluorinert ?

  Rivodus 20:53 17 Sep 2010

Is that a reliable place to buy from? I think I've almost made up my mind on this that Gladiator looks great for the price, It seems allot better then the acer predator that I was looking at, the only thing is on the website it dose not show the back of the unit,, but as long as it has a long life and dose what I want it to do I'm happy

  Rivodus 20:55 17 Sep 2010

Silly me I think the last pic is the back of the unit,, looks like it's plain

  Kevscar1 06:54 18 Sep 2010

You only have to do it once. I had one ordered thinking it would come fully fitted out. When I found out I had to open the case and pour the liquid in myself I cancelled it. If you spill it and damage anything it's your reponsibilty.

  Rivodus 19:05 18 Sep 2010

Kevscar, Any ideas on a good gaming pc I can get for a budget of £1500?

  Rivodus 15:36 20 Sep 2010

Gladiator Trident SLI Black Pearl ,,, Thats what i'm getting just phoned them up you dont have to put water in at all

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