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  Boy Zone 20:43 27 Mar 2004

I know this site is for computer problems, but I have a problem. My daughters aged 11 and 9 yrs both want a Gameboy for their birthdays. I know nothing about Gameboys.
Has anyone out there with children aged about the same age, have any comments regarding Gameboys, I think they cost about £100 each, plus the cost of the games, so not something to buy without some thought. They already have a PS 2.
Will welcome you tips

Well, you can get a GBASP, the latest models, for about £60 if you order an import. Then all you need to be able to play it here in the UK is an UK adaptor which shouldn't cost more than £5. And don't worry, every single Gameboy ever made is universal and therefore, PAL (Eg. UK) and NTSC (eg. Japan and USA) games will all work on ANY Gameboy. A GBASP will also play Gameboy Color and the original Gameboy games since it's backwards compatible, much like the way your PS2 can play PS1 games.

Games can cost a bit, especially latest releases which cost a maximum £35 but since the GBASP has so many great games, you can get some classics like Golden Sun 1 and Advance Wars 1 for less than £20.

Oh yea, don't be bullied by others to not bother with the GBA SP and be pursuaded to wait for the 'oh-so-great' PSP, Sony's planned handheld. The PSP might be a gazillion times more powerful but what makes a console great is it's games, not it's specifications.

I have a GBASP and I absolutely love it. I'm addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Fire Emblem at the moment. The GBASP has most of the good RPGs out there at the moment which is one major reason why I got it.

  Boy Zone 21:17 27 Mar 2004

thanks for you reply.
£60 sounds good to me, do you have a web site that I can look at if I wish to import. Also, when you talk about adaptor, is this a mains adaptor or what?

click here
click here

Well, it might be a bit more than the £60 I said after you have added the p&p but it's worth it since here in the UK, there are only 3 or 4 colours you can buy. In Japan, there are around 12!

And yes, I'm talking about the UK adaptor. The reason why I mentioned you should buy one is because the imported one will come with a 2-pin adaptor. Of course, if you have a convertor, then there is no need to buy a UK adaptor.

  sean-278262 21:45 27 Mar 2004

I love The Game Boy and have owned one since it was released and Only had one Quibble with it,
the GBA if you choose it has very poor quality battery covers and I have had several break not helpful if you have kids having the batterys falling out and they are difficult to get hold of my local Game shop wouldnt bring them into stock unless "they were in real demand"
The SP is a different beast alltogether it is and excellent modification to a bestseller only trouble is if you goe on a car journey you will need an adapter as if those battery run our it wont be too much fun for you!Good luck.

  BeForU 21:48 27 Mar 2004

If you feel like you dont want to import due to P&P fees although choice of better colours are tempting along with is from Japan, then you can obviously opt for electronics stores like Dixons, Currys etc.

I would agree with the above that it is the best choice to get the GBASP as yes it is backwards compatible with the older Gameboy/Colour games. Makes it so much easier if your daughters plan to have some older games for them.

Also good thing about the GBASP is that its a better system for multiplayer so your daughters can play against each other. Of course this requires a link cable.

And if your daughters arent too into RPG's like the person above (majority of RPG fans are males lol) then there are loads of different types of games as well. There is a HUGE selection of puzzle type games which can be colourful and fun so they probably suit your daughters needs.

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:01 27 Mar 2004

i prefer the normal advance a much nicer screen and feels more comftorble in your hands.also you cannot use a gameboy colour camera on a SP.sp,s have a lit up screen but the normal advance doesnt.i think your children would enjoy the classical mario games,and the wario games(wario is marios brother).i have mario cart super circuit and it is a BRILL game.hope this helps at all?.

Nintendo are also planning to release wireless adaptors soon which plug into the top of your GBA/GBASP so that you can play multiplayer without the need for link cables (which can get tangled etc...). At the moment, it's only being released together for free with Pokémon Leaf Green and Fire Red in Japan but should make it's way to the UK soon.

Like others have mentioned, one huge advantage of the GBASP over the GBA is that it's got a back-lit screen and may be easier on your daughter's eyes. It also allows them to play in the dark! They might be tempted to play when they are supposed to be going to bed though! One big disadvantage is that even though the rechargeable battery means you never have to buy batteries, it is non-replacable if you run out of power (since it's screwed in). Therefore, there is no way to purchase some batteries and stick it in.

  BIG ben strikes 10 22:49 27 Mar 2004

u can get new ones fitted from a speacialist

Sorry, I meant it's non-replacable when you take it on travel with you and you have no screwdriver. With the original GBA, you just take off the lid and replace the batteries while with the GBASP, you can't just do that. So unless you have a spare rechargeable battery and a screwdriver (a special one which isn't hard to find) with you, you're stuck.

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